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Straight Edge Voices: Tune in to our podcast section dedicated to all things straight edge. Explore insightful conversations, personal stories, and discussions centered around the straight edge and its impact on individuals and communities. Gain valuable perspectives, discover new voices, and delve into the diverse world of being straight edge through our curated collection of podcasts

Join Bran on a special episode of SOBS as he interviews Kelly Leonard of xSisterhoodx. Kelly owns an…
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Discover 'Hold Your Ground,' a podcast hosted by Philip, dedicated to the straight edge and hardcore…
WeezexChristina!Weeze made her roots in UK hardcore and politics, writing for the website xSisterhoo…
Curt from Skate Straight is the guest in the first episode of Hold Your Ground. They talk about his …
Madison Watkins of Year Of The Knife joins Matt and Bill to talk dudes fucking dolphins, walking you…
"Christopher Horsethief is a research professor and organizational theorist…
Have you checked out She's a Punk? She's a Punk, hosted by Siobhan Woodrow and her mission is to tel…
Join Youth Spin on KOOP 91.7 FM for an exclusive interview with Professor Robert Wood, exploring the…

Straight Edge News


Vegan Straight Edge Zine—Escalate and Divine Sentence Interviews, Hunt Sabs, and more.

Issue four of Vegan Straight Edge Zine is now available. It's digital, free, and features interviews with Sofia of Divine Sentence, xapothacaryx, xrisalex, Street Justice, xescalatex, and more!

Bulgarian straight edge band TRUExFEELING announces debut album “…Of Flesh And Steel

TRUExFEELING, a hardcore band originating from the Bulgarian scene, emerged in late 2022 when four dedicated straight edge friends united with a shared passion for death metal-infused hardcore. Driven by a commitment to their principles, the band proudly identifies their sound as “brutal edge metal.” Their first track, “In Decay,” debuted just ahead of their […]
Outspoken Photos by Forrest Locke


Outspoken has announced they are playing a show Saturday, March 16th at Programme Skate & Sound located at 2495 E Chapman Ave in Fullerton CA


Nickel City Soundtrack Podcast- Ladies First

In this Episode, We brought on some of our friends and family of the female persuasion to talk about their experiences in hardcore/punk.  We had a friend of the pod Kelly from Kenmore lead the discussion. We had Chris’ sister Jamie on. We had noted photographer Danielle Dombrowski. We had Lexi from the band Spaced […]


STRAIGHTEDGE – Behind the “X” (2013)

A short documentary about Straight Edge by Jordi Penner shoot in northern California, 2013. Musicians from several bands including "Punch", "Permanent Ruin" and "No Babies" are interviewed. OFFICIAL SELECTION: Tampa Bay Humanitarian Film Festival 2019

My Values: Straight Edge, a Documentary (2010)

A high school student film about straight edge

Unfinished Documentary on Straight Edge and Hardcore from 2010

The following is a documentary I filmed in Raleigh NC at the famous Brewery. They chatted with bands about what they thought about hardcore music and straight edge. Publishing over 10 years from the even it is a pretty good time capsule of what hard core music in NC looked like in that era.