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Grrrls Like Us Podcast: Women of the Pit

From Grrrls Like Us:

Women of the Pit was established with the purpose of encouraging and supporting women/femmes in the hardcore community. From friendships, show meetups, networking, and highlighting business/bands, they strive to make the community stronger and safer by fostering a mindset that’s respectful to all. We found Women of the Pit through an Anti-Flag show in which they advertised that if anyone felt unsafe or uncomfortable in the crowd they were there to help and recently sat down with their admins/co-founders, Lori and Gina. The four of us talked about how Women of the Pit got started and our respective punk/hardcore backgrounds, the work they’ve done from hosting shows to donating merch proceeds, staying away from negativity, and how we can all work to be stronger together. Song: “Stronger Together” featuring Women of the Pit members

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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