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Jameela Jamil, most known in the States for her role on The Good Place, has always been known as a strong-willed woman. With a social media post, she started a movement against the diet industry (and thus the patriarchy). On iWeigh, Jameela interviews various people she adores for their strength and voice. She always ends with the question, “What do you weigh?” Not in kilos or pounds, but what do these people consider to be the most important aspects of their lives?

Jameela’s recent interviews included “A Look Into Tabloid Culture,” which she has had experience with over the years. During this discussion with Dean Piper, a former tabloid journalist, the two explore the concept of toxic celebrity culture upholding the unfair expectations placed upon women. “With every click, we’re buying into [patriarchy].” The episode is just one demonstration of Jameela’s passionate, funny, sense of humor while tackling important topics.

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