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Defying Order

We all have favorite bands, artists, songs, and genres for various reasons; sometimes, it may be because: we fell in love with them when we were young, it helped us through heart aches, special moments, bad days, or even life in general. Often, we don’t like change, even when it comes to music. Yet, like with life, change and growth in music can be wonderfully beautiful. It can come down to something as simple as a cover, a hiatus, or even a blending of genres/artists. I remember all the hate Fall Out Boy received when they released Infinity on High (2007), or their post hiatus album Save Rock & Roll (2013); People accused them left and right of selling out, not being the same, or sounding different. When should anything ever be expected to stay the same, except for maybe pie? Change and growth is something that happens naturally over time and with experience. While we all wish things could be the same, we shouldn’t be afraid of new things, especially music, because as we face life’s obstacles, and evolve as people, so are our favorite artists. Below are some songs that I hope help prove that such thing.

So go forth, grow, learn, love, discover!

  1. Rescue Me by Marshmello feat A Day to Remember

After a 3 year hiatus pop punk, post-hardcore band A Day to Remember has come back with a song pairing some may find surprising; for they paired with popular EDM DJ Marshmello for a song that instantly found its way onto my daily playlist. Starting off with a great soft beat that instantly builds, creating an excitement within 3 seconds. Meeting with Jeremy McKinnons vocals, it is something that sounds both sad and healing, yet optimistic and beautiful. And the instruments?! I’m a sucker for good music, and ADTR has never let me down, this is no exception. Altogether, this is a great song that puts me in a good mood. Wonderful way to come back into the scene.

  1. La Vie En Rose by Renee Dominique

Originally by Edith Piaf, this timeless classic of a song has been revamped many times over, but I believe this to be my favorite cover. Paired with a ukulele, this young artist creates a version of this dual language song that is less jazzy and has more of a peaceful song with beautiful tendencies, as compared to a full band in the original; which creates a sadness doused with optimism. Beyond happy I came across this artist and her lovely covers.

  1. Be My Husband by Damien Rice feat Lisa Hannigan

Another cover, this time of a song by Nina Simone. Here we have one of my all-time favorite artists, Damien Rice take a bluesy song and make it sound totally different but just as amazing. Now this might be a song often unheard of, yet this cover is one to be noticed. Taken from a 1960s blues vibe, is a song transformed into a song that has only congas and bongos, which lends to an earthy sung around the house while dancing feel. A complete 180 from the original which could have a speak-easy background. Simple, uncomplicated, yet catchy it’s a song you will easily catch yourself singing in no time.

  1. Hooligans by Issues

While not a cover, or a feature, this song is by a phenomenal band that I’ve had the opportunity to both see live a few times as well as meet. Defying rules,with 2 vocalists, Issues blends metal core, nu metal, pop with contemporary R&B tendencies. The R&B coming Tyler Carters vocals. They quickly became a favorite of mine releasing various albums, including an acoustic album, and a great connection with their fan base and who they are themselves as artists. Break away from tradition with this band who strays away from tradition with every song, proving more and more that music is a melting pot, and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

  1. U got the look by Prince

Now, who would I be if I didn’t acknowledge the king, known as Prince? A man who defied both genre and gender Prince broke down walls. From creating an album all done in the vocal stylings of “Camille”, playing every instrument under the sun, going by a symbol, writing his own music, creating an empire, helping other artists, etc, this man did it ALL. I remember my mom being obsessed with him growing up, and still is, and me just refusing to like his music. Finally! It took me watching Batman (1989), or probably Pretty Woman (1990), who knows, to finally have THAT moment when you fall in love with an artist. Someone who defied music in every way, blending genres and vocals on his own, he was a magic man who will be forever missed.

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