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Hardline Feminist: A Personal Perspective on Supporting Women

Originally Published: Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Written by: Agnes 

I guess I might consider myself a feminist.  I support women all the way. I go to shows and whenever I see other girls there I give a little cheer.

The Feminist Label: Embracing Advocacy Without Extremism

But at the same time, I don’t want to be labeled a feminist. The reason for that, a friend of mine that is a hardline feminist. So, the point of me writing this is to ask how far is too far? Is preaching feminism, biting people’s heads off when they make comments that aren’t aimed at degrading women and all the other wonderful traits that come with hardline feminists really ok?

The Challenge of Inclusive Feminism: Beyond Forced Beliefs

I am not a supporter of anyone who is hardline, yes you have your beliefs, and so do I, but that doesn’t mean I need to force them on other people. But, that is exactly what my friend does, forces her beliefs on anybody and everybody, including the people she really cares about. She can bring feminism into any topic, whether it be women in hardcore or taco bell. The best part is she doesn’t consider herself hardline. She even complains about people that are hardline.

The Impact of Hardline Feminism on Relationships and Community

Many of the boys, who are huge supporters of girls in the scene, she lectures. She claims that they don’t talk to her anymore because they don’t support women when they just can’t stand talking to her. She is so stuck in her ways that they can’t see what’s really around her.

Feminism in Perspective: A Call for Tolerance and Understanding

This whole situation with my friend saddens me because she is a great person, but at the same point pisses the hell out of me that she can be so pig-headed. So again I am going to ask how far is too far? When does a belief turn into an obsession?

The Duality of Feminism: Celebrating Progress While Recognizing Missteps

Feminism is something that is so great, and has done so much for women over the years, but can so easily be used badly for women. If anyone has seen the movie PCU, there is a group of hardline feminists in it that’s a spoof. My friend just gives feminist supporters a bad rap. It’s so easy to turn something good to bad when people take it too far, after all, look at straight edge in Salt Lake City.

A Reflection on Feminism: Striving for Balance in Beliefs

Don’t get me wrong though, I am in no way saying feminism is now bad or however you might read this as I am simply saying that feminism should not be taken too far. That its a belief, something to stand by, but not something that should control your whole life, and effect everything you say and do.

Written by cursivelettersequalknives on 2005-11-03 22:39:25your friend sounds a bit confused. i mean that she is just trying to figure things out. she doesn’t quite understand that she is being a hypocrite and it’s not her fault. we all have flaws and we are all hypocrites. you just need to allow your friend to know that not everything she is saying is correct. remind her that feminism isn’t just and only about women, but it’s about unity between the sexes and equal rights for all.  
as for you, you sound like a feminist. i totally understand though where you are coming from when you say you don’t want to be labeled a feminist, as many women and girls today are the same. feminist and feminism have become such dirty words. but we have to take back these words and show people that it’s not a bad thing, it’s just been misconcepted along the way. and you are right, it shouldn’t be taken “too far”, but at the same time, we must keep on fighting, not just for equal rights and not just for our sisters alike, but for all.
Written by ihadninelives on 2005-07-14 17:28:09Think about it though- just because one feminist, or one fraction of feminists, rather, forces their beliefs down other peoples’ throats doesn’t mean that the majority of us are that way. Your friend sounds like any number of straight edge kids I’ve met… being overly vocal about your beliefs in situations where it isn’t necessary IS taking it too far. I agree. But as far as feminism goes, when you are truly a feminist, it does affect everything you say and do, but it’s not a negative thing at all. I approach everyone as an equal because I am a feminist, but I don’t scream at bros at a show just because they are… well, there, which I guess is what your friend does. She (and you, and everyone else, too- hxc could use a lot more feminists) should look into different feminist views on things. There’s no need to be a militant when you can just be a person. 

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