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Breaking Edge

Originally Published: Thursday, August 5, 2004
Written by: Kelly Brother

Exploring the Controversy of Edge Breakers in the Straight Edge Community

Edge breakers are a topic I recently stumbled upon and found intriguing enough to write about. The concept raises important questions about commitment and the essence of the straight edge (sXe) lifestyle.

The Story of a Formerly Straight Edge Individual

I was inspired to write this article by someone I only recently met but knew of through a friend. He was once deeply committed to the straight edge lifestyle, even bearing sXe tattoos. However, I learned that he recently broke his edge, an action that leads to significant debate within the community.

Understanding the Reasons Behind Breaking Edge

Why would someone break their edge? It suggests a lack of seriousness about the commitment from the start. This particular individual had been edge for a considerable time before succumbing to influence – in this case, drinking with a girlfriend who was an alcoholic. This scenario baffles me for two reasons: firstly, the trivial reason for breaking edge, and secondly, the contradiction of a sXe individual dating someone whose lifestyle directly contradicts their beliefs.

The Dilemma of Edge Breakers and Identity

What troubles me most is the manner in which some edge breakers still associate with the straight edge identity. They continue to display symbols like bumper stickers or social media badges, yet their actions contradict the core values of the movement.

The Significance of Adopting the Straight Edge Symbolism

Straight edge isn’t something to be taken lightly or discarded casually. When you ‘adopt the X’, it should ideally become an integral part of your identity, a lifelong commitment. While people change and it’s acceptable to outgrow certain beliefs, the casual treatment of the straight edge lifestyle undermines its significance.

A Personal Perspective on the Seriousness of Straight Edge

To me, being straight edge is a profound commitment, more serious than many perceive. It’s about embodying the principles you claim to stand for, consistently and genuinely. This article isn’t just about judging those who break edge, but about understanding the depth and seriousness of what it means to be truly straight edge.

Written by televised pianos on 2005-08-10 12:54:28i totally understand what u are saying. i had an ex-boyfriend who broke edge hoping that i would be disgusted with him and break up with him so he could pout. But it jsut didnt work that way. he ended having to break up with me… But i digress. Anyway, i think it is hard when u are straight edge to DATE somone who is a big drinker. I have MANY, actually all my friends, except maybe 2, who do not drink or smoke. But we manage to accomodate each other. My bf is edge, which is relaxing that if he goes to a party he isn’t going to get drink and make a “mistake.” my sister “claimed” edge maybe a year after i did, and then she broke within a week. She had a “sip” of sangria. I flipped, because that is totally not the deal! SIPS of ANYTHING!!! i explained that edge is about self discipline, and you need that to surpress the urges, dude! and she still claims edge. its fuckin annoying. anyway, i would be heated to that this dude is prancing around like he is some big shit when in reality he is a pussy who couldnt even stand up for what he believes in and now he has 2 fuckin edge tattoos and abottle of whiskey! argh! i hate stupid people. 
ps. check out this site.

Written by ThisTimeAround on 2005-03-18 11:05:05I am not and have never been edge but i understand that people’s lives change and that their beliefes do and that perhaps this is something that other people shouldn’t judge.  
Also people date people becaus ethey care about them or love them, hopefully people don’t date people purely on their drinking preferences. I dunno, this isn’t an attack just some thoughts.
Written by angiefromtheblock on 2005-01-15 02:37:58ALso, I agree with Jon, to an extent. If your lifestyle no longer makes sense to you, I don’t see any reason to keep it because of a “vow” you made when you were probably too young to understand anyway. 
Written by angiefromtheblock on 2005-01-15 02:36:36I’m not opposed to alcoholics. I’m opposed to the industry that capitalizes off of their self-destruction.
Written by thatsplunkintalk on 2004-12-15 23:40:25But being human is adopting new ideas then dropping them is it not? Edge is a state of mind. And growing up you go through many differant states of mind. So why can’t it be dropped and picked back. Now I agree using it simply for popularity purposes is shitty. But if one day you wake up and say, “you know what I am not edge”. What is wrong with that. One day you obviously woke up and decided you wanted to be edge. You can’t have it both ways. You know what I mean. 
Jon Burger


Mother, wife, small business owner.

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