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Straight Edge is a NON-VIOLENT Movement: Dispelling Myths of Violence and Advocating for True Principles

Originally Published: Saturday, November 6, 2004
Written by: Dylan Smith  
Edited by: Kellysisterhood 11/23

Discovering the True Face of Straight Edge Culture

A few months ago, while searching for Straight Edge bands on the web, I came across a Straight Edge site that was more like a person’s journal.  On the site, were stories of a Straight Edge kid and his friends who did nothing but beat kids that were not Edge.  Immediately after reading the stories I was disgusted in the activities I had just read about.

A Disturbing Encounter: Uncovering Aggression in Straight Edge

The author of the entries wrote one story about him and his friends standing out on the sidewalk.  While standing with his friends, a kid, only 12 or 13 years old, walked past and smelled of smoke.  Just for smelling like smoke, the author and his friends beat him in front of his mother in the middle of the sidewalk.  

Confronting Misconceptions: The Media’s Portrayal of Straight Edge

More recently, I was reading an article about 20/20 doing a special on Straight Edge and the people involved with Straight Edge.  I was upset to see that many people have the wrong idea of the lifestyle, thinking it is a hostile, intolerant group of mobsters that want nothing but clean air and sobriety.  As most of you know, this is not always the truth and it only takes a few people can ruin the entire image of the most positive of outlooks.

Personal Reflections: Reconciling Lifestyle with Extremist Actions

After reading these articles, I felt ashamed to say I live by the same lifestyle as these people.  I will admit that I have a tendency to get mad when people flick their ashes on me or blow smoke in my face, but almost nothing could warrant some of the negative things and actions that I’ve read or heard about.

Diversity within the Movement: My Experience with Straight Edge Friends

I consider myself to be a peaceful, nice person, but I do have a bad temper, much like others.  I also have many friends.  Some are Straight Edge, some aren’t, some used to be, others are now, but weren’t before.  What I am trying to say is this:  If you are trying to convey a positive lifestyle to others, you have to do it in a positive manner and you can’t expect people to change if you are hostile about it. 

Advocating for Positive Change: The Path to True Straight Edge Ideals

Straight Edge wasn’t started by a man who would want it this way, and I can’t see him approving of this, either.  Believe me, I am not preaching, I am simply asking you to stop the hostility and prove to people that Straight Edge truly IS a non-violent movement.


Written by Guest on 2005-10-19 00:52:56So being Straight Edge means i *have* to be a pacifist? Fuck that!
Written by Guest on 2005-10-19 00:52:23So being Straight Edge means i *have* to be a pacifist? Fuck that!
Straight Edge is a Fucking-Violent movem
Written by Guest on 2004-12-14 20:47:24If certain people believe straight edge should be violent then how much worst are you compared to the people who aren’t straight edge? People become straight edge because they know all the things they avoid are harmful but what are you promoting when you use violence? Sure your not intoxicated but aren’t you more dangerous then someone who is?
Written by Guest on 2004-12-08 16:35:04Its really sad to see how many people have no clue what hardcore/straight edge and the punk lifestyle is about. Its about tolerance to everyones beliefs when you beat up people for not having the same beliefs as you, you might as well wear a swastika, these are probaly the same fools who start fights at shows after getting hit in the pit. Let me put it plainly for all of you simple shits that ride the short bus hardcore and sxe is about unity, and tolerance, about having the rights to believe whatever you want without persecution and saying fuck you to mainstream culture, labels mtv and all of the jerk off corperations trying to tell you how to live.
Written by Guest on 2004-12-07 13:00:04:ahem: its violent because only a few select people are actually violent? get a clue person below.
Written by Guest on 2004-12-04 00:32:18Are you kidding me! Straight Edge is a Fucking-Violent movement. It is sad about that 13 year old kid getting jumped by older dudes though. I wonder what they would have done if it was his mom that smelled of smoke? 
Written by Guest on 2004-11-16 00:18:26comments are back!

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