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alice-straight edge

Straight Edge Interview Project: Alice, 36, Nashville, TN, she/her

Tell us about you? What do you do for a living? Do you have any pets, hobbies, pet projects? I do very dull customer service work. My hobbies include Shibari, social media, looking for books at discou...


iWeigh – Podcast

Jameela Jamil, most known in the States for her role on The Good Place, has always been known as a strong-willed woman. With a social media post, she started a movement against the diet industry (and ...

Ian-MacKaye- Straight Edge

How Ian MacKaye found freedom as a straight-edge pioneer

For Ian MacKaye, punk is not a medium for expressing nihilism, or simply partying.

Boundless Hardcore

Going To My First Local Hardcore Show In Years Showed Me How Much The Scene Has Changed

As someone who grew up in the prime hardcore punk resurgence era and then promptly entered mosh retirement, walking into a hardcore gig a few weeks back was bloody daunting. Did people still throw the...


NOAH Interview: Straight Edge with Porcell

I became Straight Edge when I was 16. And yes that’s true. It’s just the way our culture works.


No Echo Interviews: Entry Vocalist Sara G. on Her Musical Roots, Starting the Band + Their Superb Debut LP

Entry is a Los Angeles-based band that brings together elements of D-beat, modern hardcore, and power violence, resulting in a potent formula. They last appeared on No Echo thanks to Detriment, which ...

DFI-NakedLRikki Vanderpol,

Straight Edge Interview Project: Rikki Vanderpol, 33, Portland, OR. She/her

I cant speak for the straight edge scene in it's entirety but from what I see is that its becoming somewhat more inclusive. I think that is due to BIPOC, non-binary, trans folks demanding the space a...

The never enders

Review: The Never Enders, Air Raid Romance

Originally Posted on xsisterhoodx.com on Saturday February 11, 2006 Released by: Indianola Records The Never Enders are a catchy rock group. Their debut on Indianola records, “Air Raid Romance”, is so...