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Going To My First Local Hardcore Show In Years Showed Me How Much The Scene Has Changed

Originally Posted on 03-10-2020 Courtney Fry

As someone who grew up in the prime hardcore punk resurgence era and then promptly entered mosh retirement, walking into a hardcore gig a few weeks back was bloody daunting. Did people still throw their bodies around with gay abandon, collecting people on the edges of the pit with their limbs? Was it still a highly-masculine space, absolutely teeming with macho energies? Were women still looked at with the assumption that they were a girlfriend or partner of someone in a band in the Australian hardcore community?

Stepping into the venue to see Knocked Loose and Jesus Piece, I was greeted with a woman in a skirt and a band shirt with the sleeves rolled up, unleashing some of the most ferocious roars and howls I’ve ever heard. It was a local act called Boundless, and they’ve single-handedly gotten me keen to get back into the hardcore community that I once felt quite lonely in.

Women, non-binary, and non-cisgender male folks have existed in Australian and all hardcore scenes for a very long time, I won’t dispute or deny that. But seeing the stage being lit up by literally anyone that isn’t a cranky white man is like striking gold, and if it’s enough to make me wanna get to more shows, it’s a good thing.

So if you’re looking to get into some new bands, or want a reason to get back into the pit like me, get right around these fucking incredible hardcore bands with brutal women turning Australian venues to absolute smouldering rubble.

Women & Non-Binary Folks In Australian Hardcore Who Can Totally Kick My Head Off If They Wish

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