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Echoes of Redemption: A Journey from Despair to Strength Through Music and Straight Edge

For more than three decades, straight edge has ebbed and flowed through the hardcore scene.  The articles in this section span twenty years’ worth of ideas, feelings, and thoughts about straight edge from a female perspective.

Some of these articles were written by girls who are now women. Our thoughts were raw and unfiltered as teens.  We were (and some of still are) frustrated with the status quo. We are tired of having our voices drowned out.

As we have grown and evolved, so have our ideas about what it means to be straight edge.  These are our stories, our thoughts, our journeys.

Straight Edge

In the vibrant tapestry of hardcore history, Double Cross stands as a monumental chronicle, etched in the memories of hardcore kids. Founded in 2008 by the legendary Tim McMahon, vocalist of iconic straight-edge bands like Mouthpiece and Hands Tied, and his comrade-in-arms, Brian 'Gordo' Jordan, Dou
12-year-old Logan Kelly sits down with the legendary Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat. In this insightful conversation, Logan explores the essence of what it means to be Straight Edge and a Punk through the eyes of one of the genre's most influential figures.
Dive into the revolutionary role of Straight Edge women in the hardcore scene. Discover their history, challenges, and empowerment in the punk-rock wave of the '80s. Explore how they defy stereotypes and lead with resilience in a male-dominated space


In our latest feature, we spotlight Katja Schmitt, a 43-year-old single mother from Germany. Juggling the demands of motherhood and a full-time career, Katja dedicates her spare time to raising awareness about toxic relationships and PTSD. Recently embracing the straight edge lifestyle, she is part
In this interview, we feature Aesop Mongo, a 29-year-old graphic designer, and guitarist for No X Cure (Heavy Death/Dark/Metallic Hardcore Straight Edge out of Alabama). Keep reading to learn about her hobbies, how and when she claimed edge, and what currently driving her forward. Keep up
Join Mic and Stephen as they delve into the enduring influence of 108 on the hardcore scene, discussing its evolution since the '90s while retaining its essence. Explore the intersection of spirituality and hardcore, along with coffee reviews and a discussion on Mouth Full of Locusts' new EP.


jasmine rice

Recipe: Jasmine Fried Rice

recipe , jasmine fried rice
Samuel Holcomb
eating a burger

Recipe: Guacamole Veggie Burgers with Fresh Fries

a fresh, healthier alternative to a classic meal. This recipe is vegan as long as your choice of bread/burger are as well, and you can always add your favorite vegan cheese.
Samuel Holcomb
illustration of a hardcore basement show

Time Crisis: Positively Negative

Originally Published: Thursday, June 9, 2005Written by: Vanessa G Rojas The Northern Virginia Hardcore Scene: A Critical Overview The Northern Virginia hardcore scene..a breeding ground for misinformed and self-proclaimed scenesters, weekly edge breakers, and backstabbing in the name of money and scene points. Along with only a handful of other legitimate and talented bands is […]
Guest Poster
The Breathing Process

Inside the Studio with The Breathing Process: Crafting Metal Magic

Step into the Echo Room studios and witness the creative journey of The Breathing Process. From intense sessions to lighthearted moments, get an exclusive look at the band's dedication to their upcoming album 'In Waking Divinity
Guest Poster
Engineer - Reproach

Review: Engineer, Reproach

Hot off the heels of their split with Achilles, Engineer bursts back into the scene with what can best be described as an audible assault. “Reproach” features nine tracks
Clear Convictions


An In-depth interview with Clear Convictions, exploring their band lineup, hardcore influences, and strong Christian faith.
Guest Poster


Uncover the inspiring story of Kyle Elysse, an epitome of positivity and empowerment, as she shares her journey and the transformative power of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
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