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Inside the Studio with The Breathing Process: Crafting Metal Magic

Originally Published: Monday, July 2, 2007
Written by: Emily A. Engel 

Behind the Scenes: A Glimpse into The Breathing Process’s Creative Space

Several months ago, I spent a few moments in the drum room of Echo Room studios, squished behind lead singer of The Breathing Process John Lafreniere

While the others stood in close quarters clutching the tangible part of their musical creations, waiting to perform the work they came up with at nine in the morning after spending their evening racking their brains for inspiration.

The Tight Squeeze of Creativity: Navigating the Echo Room Studio

The squeeze was too tight for me to continue to stand where I was, so I made way into the main part of the studio.

Listening intently to The Breathing Process create while on the couch, I could hear the creative juices flowing as they worked together to form music that desperately tried to sound like no other.

A Burst of Frustration and Humor: The Realities of Band Life

All of a sudden, the creative flow stops with a boisterous “FUCK!” coming from guitarist Jordan Milner. Angry. Loud. Intense. Thinking that someone had broken a guitar string or hurt themselves, I listened carefully to the commotion. Another angry “FUCK!” came from Milner. The door to the drum room opened slowly and the conversation flowed out… along with a smell of death. There was no instrumental blunder. No accident. It was only a well-timed gas release. Not wanting the stench to reach the main room of the studio, I stood up and told them to close “the damn door.” They were stuck with their own mess. Once closed again, I heard Milner make a comment about how he could still smell it even with his shirt over his face. But they continued on, putting together new music.

From Accidental Inspiration to Studio Mastery: Crafting a New Sound

This new song came to them out of nowhere, despite all agreeing to take the night off. That’s just how things come to fruition with these boys.

Unexpected Turns: Tour Tales and Studio Vibes

They were supposed to be just coming back from tour, but they instead cut it short and decided to spend their time in the studio. This U.S. tour was cut short because of a slight directional blunder involving a snow storm and misdirection. “I don’t know really how to explain it” was the only, well, explanation.

After a few more moments in the drum room, the boys listened to their creations on the system that Ian Van Opijnen provides and critiqued the noise that came through the black and yellow speakers. The studio, though messy, gives off the aura of creation.

A Monster’s Voice: The Vocal Transformation in the Studio

Miler and Lafreniere then made their way in to the vocal room, creating a voice track for one of the new songs. Van Opijnen has put an affect on Lafreniere’s voice that makes it sound deep and sketchy, as if it were a monster speaking in the background. Evil, really.

Ah, computer difficulties. “If this doesn’t work I’m going to quit and get a real job,” were Van Opijnen’s sentiments.

Laughter and Levity: The Lighter Side of The Breathing Process

In the mean time they kept their spirits up by partaking in silly events that made everyone laugh. There was a riding horse outside of the studio that was obviously meant for children. However, when you involve Lafreniere, a large stick and medieval talk, it makes for a great video. Running down the street and filming such antics created the sense of humor that these boys seem to harbor unconditionally. And when they were finished with their shenanigans, they came back and were all business again.

Synthesizing Magic: The Final Touches on a New Track

Milner then tested keys to lay over the new track. They were busy deciding what sounded better, higher or lower, matching up the music to the keys to create a new sound. Wisecracks are a good way to keep the spirit up and people come in with new epiphanies every few minutes, new layers to add to the affect of the music…

Anticipating the New Album: ‘In Waking Divinity’ on the Horizon

This is just a sneak peek at the way the boys (and girl) in The Breathing Process come together in order to make metal music. While anxiously awaiting July 6th and the kick-off of “The Civil War Tour” with friends My Hero Is Me (North Carolina, Tragic Hero Records) and A Girl, A Gun, A Ghost (Georgia, Hotfoot Records), the boys are continuing to record and produce their upcoming album “In Waking Divinity” which is due out in October.

We’ll all be holding our breath until then.
Just like they were in the drum room.

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