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Originally Published: Friday, May 20, 2005
Written by: Kirby Unrest

Q: Who all is in Clear Convictions, what are their band duties, where are you from, and when did the band begin?

A: We are: Jerame , guitar; Daniel, guitar; Nata, singer; Jose, bass-guitar;  Enzo, drums. We were of the same church, and knowing to play different instruments, we got together.

Q. How did you discover hardcore?

A. Some bands through Facedown Records, and the bassman and me, Enzo, drummer…we did know of it for some years.

Q. I’ve never been to Puerto Rico, but I’m interested in the scene out there. What is it like? Is it difficult to get records out there and bands to come tour the area? How about stores from which you can obtain instruments, studios and local clubs?

A. Puerto Rico is part of the US, you get here in two hours from Miami. People around the World say: the most beautiful island of them all. Is not difficult to get records, in stores, by Internet…whatever.Here are a lot of stores, studios, and local clubs…as part of the US commerce. Bands can come down here at any time…by plane…so easy.

Q. I noticed Tim Mason (NIV) produced your debut. How did that collaboration
come about?

A. There were about 4 to 5 years that we played with Facedown Records bands, Jason ( Facedown CEO ) came to know of us…so he liked and talked with Tim Mason; after that…Tim made our first CD…and we have made that trip to US.  

Q. You definitely have a sound somewhere between early 90’s NYHC (Madball, Sick Of It All) and modern-day moshcore (Hatebreed, Bury Your Dead). What bands inspired you the most, lyrically and musically?

A. Musically: the ones you have mentioned and NIV band. Lyrically: is based of the Word of GOD…we are born again Christians.

Q. It seems a lot of Christian hardcore bands these days are moving away from having lyrics directly about Christ, yet almost every song on your record is very straightforward about your belief in Him. Was that something you always had as a goal for this band, to be more of a ministry? What are your thoughts on Christian bands that don’t really have many lyrics about the faith, even in a subtle fashion?

A. We like to be a Ministry first of all. It has been our goal from the beginning. The purpose of us is to be REAL Christians, doing spiritual exercises…in a manner to drive young people to Christ and we ere NOT to perform as artists…but as Jesus’ followers. Some of the so-called Christians, we do not judge them, so “that day ” the Bible teaches; they will give counts of their acts to Christ.

Q. In the song, “Clear Convictions” you start off by saying “We decide to walk the straight edge, never turning back, because there is no other way.” What made you want to live straight edge and what do you think about those who say straight edge is against the teachings of Jesus Christ?

A. We all, because of our past living with full sins life, mine, heart and body…decided to believe to God; to be born again, to change our lives, and to NOT SIN thereafter. No way of living, philosophical or whatever, can drive you to heaven…but the Jesus sacrifice at the cross; and HIS resurrection.

Q. Are the lyrics to “Tough Guy” about someone in particular you know or an incident of violence you witnessed?

A. Usually, the tough Guys show that type of behavior; they want authority not given by God…not to mention their philosophical way of life.

Q. I don’t speak Spanish, so I’m curious as to what the lyrics of “Arrepientete” are about?

A. Talks about the sinner conditions of mankind, against God’s will, and the expression” Arrepientete” is: REPENT !!…as John The Baptist preached. Is a call to be born again, to accept Jesus as the ONLY savior, and to live for him. 

Q. Do you regularly use English at home in PR, and do you speak any other languages, individually or as a band?

A. English is mandatory in Puerto Rico, but we speak Spanish on a daily basis. There are more languages down here than in any other place in this world.

Q. How hot does it get in Puerto Rico? I remember when I booked a show for you guys in Sacramento, it was kind of raining outside and a bit cold, and you guys were bundled up like Eskimos. Was it hard to adjust to the temperatures in the United States?

A. Here is hot weather all year round, the minimum here is 50’s on Xmas; and only in some parts of P.R. We live in Ponce, always hot.

Q. You recently came over to the States to play your first Facedown Fest. How did that go? What do you like/dislike most about the US?

A. It was excellent! We feel a good backup of the people there ( you ).A unique experience for us. We like the way you are matter the cultural difference; we can get along with that too. 

Q. Is your demo still available if kids are interested in picking it up?

A. Yes, by entering the page :

Q. Are you writing for a new record and if so, when do you plan to have it out?

A. Yes, we are planning the next year to complete it.

Q. Anything else you’d like to add?

A. Thanks for the backup, for this letter interview, hopefully that all our words about the Bible, Jesus, the new life, etc., will help you and will be a blessing for all of you people up there. Let God be with you, in your hearts, lives, and with your loved ones…always. JESUS loves you !! As always…..ENZO 

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