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Interview: Bob Meadows of A Life Once Lost

Originally Published: Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Written by: Anna Janelle Stevens

Anna from interview with Bob Meadows from A Life Once Lost

Q: First off, Thank you so much for taking the time to do this with us!

 A: Not a problem. Thanks for having me do it.

Q: One thing I think everyone is wondering is about the switch from Deathwish Records (100 Demons, Killing the Dream) to Ferret (Madball, The Bronx), what was your motivation?

A: Well, in our eyes, we wanted to step forward and keep progressing. As a band, we felt Ferret was the better choice of labels. We have no hard feelings towards Deathwish at all and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Q: How is working with Ferret, is the attitude any different from the one at Deathwish?

A: In order to grow or make money from something, you need to invest money into the project. That is the attitude with Ferret. They are helping us get on bigger tours, we are seeing more ads in magazines and it honestly feels like things are coming together for us.

Q: A new record, Hunter, is coming out this summer, what direction did you take with it?

A: Well, we decided to bring a producer to work with. This was our first time working with one so it was an eye-opener. Having an outside voice telling us that this might sound better or asking us to make this one part shorter made a huge difference. The songs are different then “A Great Artist”. The songs are stronger and more mature sounding. The overall end result with HUNTER is fierce.

Q: What record, of your own, is your favorite, your best work?

A:  It would have to be HUNTER.

Q: You’ve been compared to Isis and Converge, how do feel about such an exciting and complementing juxtaposition?

A: Converge and Isis have always been such a huge inspiration whether it was the music or their stage presence. They constantly reinvent themselves every record so any comparison to that is a good one.

Q: HEY! This summer! Sounds of the Underground tour! Are you ready for stadiums and adoring fans?

A: No I am not to be honest with you. The last four years we have been playing basements and living rooms. Just recently we have started playing more clubs and bars but amphitheaters and parking lots now, this is all getting to good!

Q: How do you feel about touring with MADBALL, LAMB OF GOD, and my personal favorite, GWAR?!?!

A: Fucking GWAR!!!! I cannot wait to party with all these bands.

Q: Any crazy tour stories; road kill, groupies? Stories?

A: You always see roadkill on tour.

Q: What’s on tap for post-Sounds of the Under Ground?

A: We are going to Europe for two weeks with Every Time I Die and Twelve Tribes. After that we will be hitting the road with Unearth, The Dillenger Escape Plan and Zao.

Q.  If you had one mix tape in your van for a whole tour what would be on it?

A: Why have a mixtape when you can have an I-Pod. Catch up with the times man. Just kidding. I don’t even have one of those things. I’d like to have some Pink Floyd, Can, CCR, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Nick Drake, Jimi Hendrix, Tim Waits, David Byrne, Captain Beefheart. I’d like to make the other side a little heavier with maybe some Isis, Meshuggah, Pelican, Mastodon.

Q: Thoughts on the masterpiece that is Spinal Tap?
A: I’ve only seen the movie once…I almost pissed my pants.

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