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Interview: Joey Southside from The Banner

Originally Published: Thursday, September 22, 2005

Who are you and what is your role in the band?
My name is Joey and I sing for the band 

How is the promotion going on your new album?
Its going well. Well, um I don’t know what they’re doing but yeah.  

What makes “Each Breath Haunted” different from your last album?
Its of a version of our sound. Its more our sound. Compared to what everyone else is doing .I think its sticks out more. It’s a little bit darker, well it’s a lot darker. It’s a little bit more experimental.  

Whats your favorite song off the new album and why?
Well what is my favorite song? I don’t have any real favorite songs. The cd just has a lot of cool parts.  

Are you planning a headlining tour for the album?
Really we don’t have any plans for doing any headlining stuff. But uh we’ll see how it works out if its received well and we’re able to do a headlining tour and were asked to but as far as right now we don’t have any plans to do a headlining tour. 

What makes the banner as a band different from other bands?
We definitely try to not sounds like everyone else. And being a hardcore band we’ll always sound similar to other bands. as for other hardcore/punk bands trying to do dark stuff we try to sounds a lot less corny.  

What are some of your favorite bands to tour with?
Well we’ve toured pretty much toured twice. And we’ve gone on tour with folly they’re really good friends and we had a blast.  

What do you think about girls in the scene?
I like it? Hahaha. Girls have always been in the scene. Like especially in Jersey. I mean I have no problem with it.. I mean I don’t feel that they should have any special privileges either. If you want to be in to it, be in to it. They have a mind, they can think. But I rather have them there than not there. 

People say you guys are way to into The Misfits. Care to comment that?
First off people are jackasses. Secondly, what’s wrong with being into the misfits. We don’t sounds like the misfits, we don’t cover the misfits. You know what I mean, like if you’re into dark stuff and you’re in a hardcore/punk band, you’re going to get that comparison. 

Are any of you guys straight edge?
Chris our guitarist is straight edge. That’s the story I guess. I don’t know if he really x’s up or anything.  

At the benefit tour last year in November with bands like Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Funeral For A Friend, and Senses Fail, did you guys feel like the oddballs?
Like im personally really good friends with My Chemical Romance, and yeah they’re buddies of mine. You cant help but want to help out a charity like that and we had a really good response and met a lot of cool people and made a lot of good friends and made a lot of new friends, hung out with all the Emo bands. Everyone had a great time. 

And lastly, Ian plays bass now. Is there any future of him playing the drums again?
Well we needed a bass player, Ian is actually a much better bass player than he is a drummer. He was trained. He learned to play drums just for The Banner. Chris’ little brother Mike is a really good drummer

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