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15 Current sXe Bands

Highlighting some of the up-and-coming xxx bands worldwide

When I[ ] say straight edge, it means so much more than just being drug-free. Still excited about hardcore punk music, I just can’t easily separate my commitment to this way of life from the whole subculture of sxe and the sense of community that goes with it.

In the beginning of the year, [] been eager to share some of our favorite sxe records of 2018, but there are so many other bands with sober minds and X’d up fists who are doing their best to be a voice of resistance in a time of mass self-destruction or just enjoying themselves with pounding music for stage dives and singalongs.

In any case, it’s up to us—the edge kids—to talk about all the new and upcoming bands we’re excited about. So here is a list of fifteen up-and-coming (generally underrated) straight edge bands I’ve discovered recently. I’m sure you already know some of these, but also might have missed to check the others.

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Since then, we’ve been operating as an independent website that aims to represent punk rock’s creative and community-based values with a strong political focus. We see DIY punk as an autonomous, ever-evolving-in-its-anti-oppression-ideals, genuine community, which lets us live our lives to the fullest of possibilities.

Over the years, we have published hundreds of hardcore punk reviews, exclusive interviews, premiere streams, DIY punk scene reports, and columns by contributors from all over the globe. We’ve done this all by ourselves, just the few of us and our punk-rock passion.

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