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Is Straight Edge Still Sober?

SEP 5, 2018 9:10AM PDT Garrett Kamps

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: For decades now, there has existed a global community of men and women whose primary shared value is a commitment to abstinence from all intoxicating substances. The group consists of self-organizing cells and is primarily an oral tradition. A founding text exists, as do countless supplementary documents, but the soul of the group and the personality of its local cells derives from fellowship. Certain cells are more open minded, others are more fanatical. A few are downright hostile toward those who don’t look or talk like them, and are intolerant of anyone who struggles to maintain total abstinence. It’s up to the individual to make the commitment to sobriety, but frequent meetings with the group and communal discussions of its values are what help members toe the line. Well, that, and the mosh pits.

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