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Back to Godhead "Sadhu Sanga" Official Music Video

A Spiritual Revolution in the Hardcore Scene

In today’s hardcore scene, a profound transformation is unfolding, led by Southern California’s Krishnacore pioneers, Back to Godhead. Their latest release, the music video for “Sadhu Sanga, is a spiritual upheaval, seamlessly blending hardcore’s intensity with transcendental wisdom. This track represents a paradigm shift, challenging the norms with its raw energy and profound spiritual messages. Back to Godhead are crafting a unique sonic and spiritual experience, inviting listeners into a world where the boundaries between hardcore ferocity and deep spirituality blur, creating a powerful, enlightening journey.

“Sadhu Sanga”: A Confluence of Sound and Spirit

With “Sadhu Sanga,” Back to Godhead transcends traditional music video expectations. Directed under the banner of New Age Records, this video is a journey into the heart of Krishnacore. Drawing from the teachings of ‘Vaisnava Ke?’ by HH Jayapataka Swami, it is a profound statement of their spiritual and musical identity.

The Road Ahead: Back to Godhead’s Ongoing Saga

As Back to Godhead gears up for future releases and shows, they are primed to reinvigorate the spiritual hardcore scene. With “Sadhu Sanga,” they beckon us to join them on the path of spiritual enlightenment and musical innovation, merging the power of hardcore with the depths of spiritual consciousness.

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