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Members of Lit Bash the Hardcore Straight Edge Scene

Originally Published: Monday, December 6, 2004
Written by: Sam Nichols

If you are Straight Edge, Remembering Never fan, or just  supporter of Hardcore, please read this…

I  was checking bulletins on and I stumbled across something that made me a little angry… Supposively the guys from Lit were playing a show close to a venue where Remembering Never was playing. As told by the Lit website, Remembering Never wrote “Fuck You” and “XXX” on their trailer and bus. The part that makes me more angry is that the guys from Lit don’t understand Straight Edge at all. They claim in order to be Straight Edge you must be Christian, not eat meat, and “go to sleep at 8pm”. I am amazed that someone could be so disrespectful. One of the members states, “Lit was raised on bands like Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Judas Priest, Motley Crue and shit like that. Bands that knew what rock was about! When people went to see their concerts they had a GOOD time.” Therefore indirectly stating that Remembering Nevers style is not a form of music bashing them, and everything we all know and love. So please check this out and email them at

[email protected] or [email protected]  and thell them what you think about their ignorance.

Written by Guest on 2005-09-22 14:15:44
Written by briannatwostep on 2005-06-24 20:28:50fuck lit. 
Written by Redemption86 on 2005-05-11 04:44:24I don’t think Remembering Never would sink that low. It was probably just a fan trying to be cool.
RN didnt do it.
Written by xDECAFx on 2004-12-22 17:44:49i did some research on this after hearing about it from a few other places and Remembering Never did not admit to doing it. On the RN site, they apologize for what happened and said they were not the ones that vandalized Lit’s things. they also said that it is “unfortunate” but that they deserved it.
Written by Guest on 2004-12-18 14:35:06apparently lit is friends with chrisitina aguilera….. 
so it’s fuckin war on her too 
dance hard,,,, d.f.l.
it’s fucking war
Written by Guest on 2004-12-18 14:32:23fuck the kids with the tight pants and shaggy hair, it’s war on lit fans. embrace the hate
I can’t believe this
Written by Guest on 2004-12-16 15:13:21First of all did Lit do anything physicaly violent? No. What happend to free speech? I guess we can throw that shit out the window. Since only edge kids are allowed to trash a band. Oh but wait Lit provoked it so therefore it’s ok. Just like war is ok if someone else shoots the first bullet. And I highly doubt anyone in any edge band unless they have been edge for like 15 years could hand a ROCK N’ ROLL BAND like Lit their asses. Most edge kids are just rich little punks who pretend they know what it’s like to fight because some kid in a pit accidently elbowed them in the face. You guys seriously need to get a life and relise that it’s not that big of deal. Did any Lit fans come and pick on you? Jesus Fucking Christ I bet if Remembering Never did the same thing to Lit after Lit spray painted there shit. You kids would be running around like chickens with their heads cut off laughing and pointing at Lit. 
Disgusted Smart Person
sway hair and stupid tattoos
Written by Guest on 2004-12-16 01:06:47lit is fucking horrible 
straight edge is stupid 
XXX 2-step trixxxxx
Written by Guest on 2004-12-15 08:24:05oh wow thats really mix up.
To clear things up…
Written by xxxgirlsCAnbeEDGExxx on 2004-12-14 08:51:34I wrote this article in about 10 minutes before school… I came home and they had already deleted their “F U Award” page. I think it is awesome that we made a difference. 
Written by youloveme215 on 2004-12-12 21:09:58that band. they dont know anything, they are just another over[produced mainstream peice of crap. im not bashing all music in the mainstream b.c hell i listen to some of it but please guys, cmon. 
i wonder
Written by Guest on 2004-12-10 20:34:24i wonder why they assumed it was the band and not just some loser fans? that sounds paranoid. 
message board
Written by xkellyx on 2004-12-09 16:26:23we started a thread about this on the boards 
check it out
Written by sheilaxmarie on 2004-12-09 16:09:00the whole “lit hung out with straight edge kids” is just like when people say “I’m not racist, I met a black person once” 
p.s this is amazing how huge this incident has become.
im no fan…
Written by NITMARE on 2004-12-09 10:50:17like 4 or 5 years ago, im ashamed to say i attended a lit concert, i was in 7 or 8th grade, poor me i didnt know any better! anyways today i’m not a fan at all, and im sorry to say im not sxe either but i dont bash on sxe people! im not the type of person to do such a thing. that would be like some kid telling me i’m an idiot for living the hardcore lifestyle… its just disrespectful to me… anyways who to say what straight egde really is? the guys from lit are just ignorant…
Think about it…
Written by xderek315x on 2004-12-09 09:10:39Lit didn’t do anything to provoke it, and it was done while Lit was on stage and unable to do anything about it. 
Think about it… what would they have done? Nothing. I’m sure RN would hand Lit their own asses in a fight hahaha.
oh, come on…
Written by MissAnnThrope on 2004-12-08 17:41:36i heard about this earlier, and while they might not know much about straightedge, vandalism took it too far. LIT might have provoked remembering never and then said disrespectful things on their site, but, really, i’d be pretty pissed if someone trashed my bus just because of some words exchanged. whoever trashed the bus- i can respect that they were defending thier beliefs, but their actions were pretty petty. 
straightxedge, not hatexedge. 
lit’s response
Written by Guest on 2004-12-08 10:41:36clearly they’re really insincere, since the sent the exact same, carbon copy response to everyone. they’re only apologizing as a PR move to cover their asses since they’re trying to sell a new album. they can’t handle the bad press. fake apologies. they don’t give a fuck. 
Written by xamberx on 2004-12-07 23:50:47I was actualy at that show. They started saying stuff and provoking RN first, because RN had a trailor that had something along the lines of “Go Vegan” on it. Lit was saying some really negative things about Straight Edge, and were making fun of it. They never mentioned any of that. I emailed them too, and they emailed me back with the same reply. It was just immature on their end. Sure what RN did was inappropriate, but bashing the entire Straight Edge community is ridiculous.
yeah right…
Written by Guest on 2004-12-07 14:44:38On their site they bash Straight Edge. Maybe they were just angry, but come on. They are say something along the lines of “guys who have never seen tits” or “never have gotten their dicks sucked”. They just didn’t think anyone would see it.
Written by jackieooo on 2004-12-07 11:05:17i wrote them a hugh thing on myspace about it, and posted shit fo people to give them hell. they wrote me back with this…… 
There have been some questions regarding the F.U. Award to Remembering Never. Some people have mistakenly thought that Lit was going off about the whole Straight Edge scene and kids who are apart of it, and that isn’t true whatsoever.  
That post was not aimed at anyone other than Remembering Never. If you’re straight edge, the band Lit has nothing against you. Lit hung out that night with several Straight Edge kids in the parking lot who were telling Lit about Remembering Never and what went down, and also diagreed with what happened. As that post said, we respect your beliefs, your culture and your music. What we don’t respect is people who don’t have any regard for other people’s rights too. Lit would never go around destroy somebody’s property just because they might share different views or beliefs. This is America. We should all enjoy the freedom we have here, and respect other people’s freedom too.  
We do not claim to know everything about Straight Edge. We have friends who are Straight Edge, and we apologize if any comments were made that in some way offended them. We know that Straight Edge is against drinking, smoking, and drugs, and that some are agnostic, some eat meat, some have sex, some are Christian. We respect all of that. Again, the post was purely a sarcastic, pissed off rant about the people who showed such disregard to our property. The reason we believe that it was Remembering Never who was responsible is due to several accounts from people who saw it happen, and the fact that the initials R.N. were painted on the trailer. Unless it was a really angry nurse, we assume R.N. stands for Remembering Never. However, we digress. Since we were on stage, we didn’t actually witness the vandalism ourselves, we can’t be 100% certain. So if it wasn’t R.N., sorry for the accusation.  
Lit has been a touring band for over seven years now, sharing the road with all different types of bands. We’ve made friends along the way with Punk, Emo, Hardcore, Metal, Blues, Rock, Pop, and tons of other types of bands. Hell, we even made friends with Christina Aguillera! We realize that a few “bad apples” can tarnish a reputation for a while, and a majority of people who are Straight Edge don’t go around and do this type of stuff. We understand that, and again, have no issues with your scene. We actually have a lot of repect for anyone who is passionate about their values and beliefs, and we know that this isn’t the way things are normally done to promote or educate.  
What was done that night was bullshit. Period. Everyone knows it. Lit didn’t do anything to provoke it, and it was done while Lit was on stage and unable to do anything about it. It was a weak move. Lit will most likely have to pay for it, which sucks because just like Remembering Never, we’re all out here on the road, away from our family and friends, and trying to make a living doing what we love.  
We apologize if we offended anyone other than R.N. We hope you don’t agree with what was done, and we hope something positive will come of it.  
Lit & Crew  

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