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WORDS: LUCA CESCON By Discovered Magazine -02/11/2020

While looking for some new music to start listening to, there’s a specific area of the World that will surely attract you the most. We are talking about California, one of the best reservoirs of young bands that have been re-shaping the hardcore and punk scenes in particular over the last five years.

You’re surely familiar with bands such as Gulch, Drain, Hands Of God and Jawstruck, both thanks to their amazing records and to the huge amount of live footage that surround their names. Power Alone are definitely one of those bands you should not miss. Coming from southern and northern California, this new band has been delivering its own vegan straight edge hardcore assault since 2019 by releasing a full length – called Rather Be Alone – earlier this year.

“Our LP came out at the end of February 2020. We had some record release shows planned for early March but the pandemic shut everything down and we had to cancel those shows. Our band members all live in different parts of California which makes it difficult for us to practice, perform, and record even under normal circumstances. So, during the pandemic things have been even more difficult for us. I wrote a lot of riffs and arranged some songs over the summer but we haven’t really had a chance to get together and work out new material. I’ve got a lot of ideas for songs once we’re all able to get together again and play so maybe we’ll get to work on another Power Alone record once things settle”, reveals Power Alone’s guitarist Allan.

Read the full Article here: Undiscovered Power Alone

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