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Scene Report: Latvia

Originally Published: Sunday, May 5, 2005
Written by: Marina s  

Well I’ll start off by saying that Latvia is a small country in the Nordic part of Europe, one of the Baltic States along with Estonia and Lithuania. The scene in Latvia isn’t really that big but it’s getting bigger.   It’s getting  more attention from people.

There are a lot of new bands coming up right now. There are also a lot of shows FOR the new bands.   Which is a very positive thing and gives the support needed for the bands. The new bands include The Beauty of Crying Star (emocore), who have a downloadable demo on their website
The band features a violin so be sure to check it out.

Other new bands are Thank You for Honesty (Christian emo-punk), Danga (powerful and technical metalcore), About Burning Ways (new-school hc), Jaialai (emocore with mostly singing vocals with a Sparta cover in their repertoire ;)), Reaching Bravo (metalcore), Iberia (emo-metalcore), Milloin (emocore) and V3V (or Vismaz Tris Vardi who play political metalcore). There are also 2 new screamo bands (it’s sort of a new thing in our scene). One of them is called Emanon and the other one is Lost in a Dream and both of them are from Saldus. Bands that were around for quite some time now are In.Stora ( who play a nice blend of emo and metalcore. Their songs have both screaming and singing parts, some are spoken, there are even songs with violin in them on their last album. They’re probably the most popular hardcore band outside Latvia because they had a European tour in 2004 promoting their record ‘Miasma’. Then there are When My Authorities Fall ( who play new school hardcore with a powerful political message. They also have a record out and it’s downloadable from their website (with lyrics).

Then there also are bands like KreigOPfer who play hardcore mixed with grindcore and even some power-violence and also have a record out called ‘Opponere’. And a band called Enhet who play very nice metalcore. Oldschool hc band called More Than Talking ( has been around for quite some time. Right now it’s hard to say if they’ll ever play again because both some of the members are also in Enhet and the vocalist is curently working in another country. But we still keep our fingers crossed =D

There’s also a band called Les Corte who went from playing nu metal to playing emo-core and feature In.Stora’s guitarist. And an emocore band called Saving Daylight Remains ( who just had a change in the line-up and now play more sort of metalcore music with female singing vocals. And like in most of the scenes a lot of bands brake up and form new bands. This would be the case with Thank You for Honesty who formed from another Christian band that broke up called Toothsome Twang, Jaialai who formed from To The Limit and Because Eyes Were Closed members who broke up after releasing a split CD and some other bands.

Vegetarianism/Veganism are quite popular here.   More and more people are committing to it, which is great. Straight edge isn’t popular here at all. It was some time ago but right now I only know of 2 people in the scene who are actually edge (including myself) and some people who aren’t necessary in the scene but consider themselves edge.  A lot of people are living the ‘edge lifestyle’ but do not wish to label themselves ‘edge’ which is fine. 

Most of the bigger shows happen in the ‘Depo’ club, more and more shows are being held in the ‘Saxafons’ club. And of course there are some local shows which are held in schools and other cheap-to-rent places. But during local shows there are sometimes problems with nazis and townies who just won’t let the hardcore scene be. Not really, they’re just jerks!
If you’d like to know more about the scene here, visit

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