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Scene Report: North Carolina

Originally Published: Monday, October 27. 2008
Written by: Max

There are a lot of good things coming out of North Carolina. There are great bands emerging from all areas of the state like Lowbrow, Land of Savage, and Obstruction from Charlotte, Double Negative from Raleigh, and Giant from Greensboro. The fact that the state is spread out across a few bigger cities helps facilitate an active state-wide community. We have dedicated kids that will drive across the state, or into VA, SC, or GA for shows. This isn’t Boston, kids really have to be dedicated here to come out every show even if they have a 4 hour drive each way. Diversity is accepted in NC: we have black and white, old and young, male and female, etc and everyone gets along pretty well for the most part. We have an emerging online community as well. I recently started the NCHC boards which allow kids to connect about carpooling to shows, getting show information, and hearing about new NC bands. You can check that board out here: http://nchc. proboards57. com/index. cgi . So keep an eye out for NC hardcore in the future. We have dedicated kids, good young bands, and nice dudes all around.

Obstruction: www. myspace. com/obstructionthrash
Lowbrow: www. myspace. com/lowbrownc
Land Of Savage: www. myspace. com/landofsavage
Double Negative: www. myspace. com/thedoublenegative
Giant: www. myspace. com/giantnc

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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