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Beyond the Trend: Navigating the Straightedge Scene and the Challenge of Following the Crowd

Originally Published: Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Written by: Yaritza   

Origins of Straightedge: The Minor Threat Influence

This label is known to many to have been thought up by the band Minor Threat. There is really no reason for me to go into an in-depth description of what straightedge is…if you are at this page then you know enough on the background…or I would assume that you do.

Unity and Division: The Straightedge Paradox

Straightedge is supposed to be something to unite the people who follow the belief, but for a while now I have noticed something…We are being put down. I’m not talking about the ones who don’t follow straightedge, I’m talking about the ones who do take on the label. We are being put down by each other! Our family in the scene, our brothers and sisters. How did I end up thinking about this you ask?

The Online Straightedge Community: A Mixed Experience

Whenever I am just surfing the internet and looking for something to do, I usually end up on different kinds of straightedge webpages. It’s GREAT that there are so many to support our beliefs, but the only thing I find wrong in is usually the message boards and such. The things I read on these message boards are usually very positive and make me feel right at home while I read through them.

The Debate Over True Straightedge: Inclusivity vs. Exclusivity

However, there are always those couple of posts that just scream out ignorance for the one who writes them. The ones that really stand out to me are the ones that put others down. For example, I have seen quite a few posts of people explaining their story on how they used to be addicted to some sort of drug, or even drinking. Then they decided to take on the straightedge lifestyle because they realized it was a much better decision for their lives.

Embracing Change: Celebrating New Commitments to Straightedge

My opinion is that it’s great they decided to make a change for the Better. Yet not everyone thinks like me I know…so I see replies like: “Your not edge!!! You cant be edge if you’ve done drugs before! You poser!!” Reading things like that really make me feel…well…sad sometimes.

The ‘Born Edge’ Controversy: Redefining Commitment

The way I see it you don’t need to be “born edge” to call yourself straightedge. All you need is the heart to keep your commitment, no matter what your background may have been. I don’t care if someone first gets into straightedge because maybe a band they listen to is edge, or because it seemed like the thing to do.

Staying True to Straightedge: Beyond Trends and Fads

All I really care about is if they stay true to it, and learn that it really is a good thing and not just a “follow the crowd” stage of life. That’s all I really have to say…For now.

Written by xxxWARZONExxx on 2005-06-15 13:05:54Dude, like you said, ignorance. 
I took the sxe lifestyle because I KNOW what it is like to be in every scene, also trying to find every form of escape or ways of trying to destroy myself. Now i look back and I’m glad, i am who i am. 
I am no 14 yr old claiming edge because my ‘mommy’ will send me to military school if she sees the marijuana under my bed so i have to put on this “fuck yeah, i’m a sxe kid and i’m hxc rawwwr!” image. 
I did coke, I was addicted to prescription drugs, I tried killing myself, i did everything to give up when my life was a total mess but music really changed my life, my friends and their positive lifestyles. i read lyrics, felt tunes that seriously got me in touch with myself and who i am, who they are, and it only makes me want to be a better person. I have decided to live a clean life, and stay away from everything that will put me in that horrible abyss i once felt, i want to live for my love of music, my love of art, and to tell others about my passion for music, and my hate for everything i was. I have brothers and sisters now, they are a positive influence. They respect and love. We are growing up. We respect. to me It’s a lifestyle of honor, to yourself.
Written by Guest on 2005-05-31 14:17:05psst. can spell
Written by Guest on 2005-05-31 14:16:44well said, totaly agree there. x
Written by Guest on 2005-02-24 10:54:19i’ve noticed that too. thanks for standing up for converts.

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