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Staying Straight Edge in a not so Straight Edge Scene

Written by: Adrianne Franscini

Flint, Michigan’s Music Scene

Flint, Michigan isn’t exactly a hotbed for music. We’ve had one band come out of here in the last five years, Chiodos. Yay for music, right? Yeah, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, they’re some cool guys, but that’s what most bands are like from around here. Druggies, partiers, “rock stars”. They’re the stereotypical rock star. Living “the” life doing drugs, staying out all night not giving a shit about what they look like, or who might be looking up at hem as role models.

The Music Scene and Drugs

I, myself, am a seventeen year old girl, struggling to stay in the music scene I loves so much and trying to stay clean. I go to shows, see kids pawning off any type of drug they can get their hands on, prescriptions and narcotics. I got offered, and I just shrug them off and walk away.

The Dilemma

I go to shows at two places in Flint. There’s one called East of Averill and another called Total X-Scape (it’s a gaming center). There used to be the Flint Local, where some great bands have come through, but that got shut down, or stopped having shows, only they know what’s going on. Anyway, back to my point, I’ve been to East of Averill more than Total X-Scape. I’ve encountered a couple times some people trying to sell some prescription medication. I’ve seen some people buy it then I watched what happened. They made idiots out of themselves.

Is this really what I want out of my music scene?

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