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Straight Edge and Medicinal Cannabis

Breaking the Stigma: Medicinal Cannabis and the Straight-Edge Lifestyle

Understanding Gatekeeping and Inclusivity

To many in our community, Medicinal Cannabis and medication, in general, is somewhat controversial. Before that, let’s talk about gatekeeping first. If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what it means, here it is. “When someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity,” this is from the almighty We all know plenty of people who have done this stuff, either in the hardcore circles or the “edge” community. I sadly did that when I was younger, mostly because I was a kid and didn’t understand that we need to be more inclusive. This wonderful community needs positivity and to learn from the past.

Personal Health Journey and Medicinal Cannabis

I’ll be transparent, my health is SHIT. I have epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, panic disorder, depression, and severe PTSD. When I was younger, I never treated any of the stuff I have. Mostly because I gave medication and mental health a “stigma” and felt I was stronger because I wasn’t on stuff. But we all know this just messes us up in the long run. Because of my health, I’ve been in and out of hospitals for close to 3 years. One of the few things that have helped me is CBD and medicinal cannabis. I don’t worry about crazy side effects, it destroys my stomach like aspirin does, or forgetting to take it. I responsibly take it when I need to and know how much I should take.

Balancing Medicinal Cannabis and a Straight-Edge Lifestyle

Does this make me “Straightedge” though? It’s quite subjective if you ask me. I still have no idea about alcohol-based drinks, I barely can roll a blunt (still after all these months), and I had plenty of bad nights due to consuming the wrong strain for me or not understanding instructions. Being naïve or ignorant when it comes to cannabis has had its consequences and made me feel like stuff a few times. But it was all a learning experience. Learning the ins and outs of medication or medical cannabis is extremely important. Discipline is a major part of the Straight-Edge culture or community as we know it. Now if we abuse or misuse cannabis that’s when this becomes a drug. We can easily sniff paint or glue, take too much ‘Robitussin,’ or pop tons of medication way cheaper than cannabis.

The Benefits and Risks of Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal or state-regulated Cannabis isn’t cheap. In fact, I run into paying 45 on average for 1/8’s of an ounce. I don’t want to blow through orders in a month or less. I typically keep the stuff for months vs a “normal” user. I don’t like the feeling of a high, I only like being pain or anxiety-free. Being able to actually sleep an entire night has been a positive thing, which I never encountered before cannabis. I haven’t worked for over 2 years due to a concussion, increased seizures, and PTSD. Currently, I’m working and capable of having a schedule of 40 hours a week. Sure therapy and a regimen of better medication have calmed everything down, but I’ll state cannabis has helped me achieve a PMA that I never had.

Survival Over Lifestyle: A Personal Perspective

There’s always a negative to everything though, especially with taking drugs. According to the CDC, “3 in 10 people who use marijuana have marijuana use disorder.” Many doubt this theory, but it’s true. We have seen many people who can’t stop being high. We can get “addicted” to ANYTHING. As an example, I drink decaf coffee, yet I want a cup practically every day. It’s probably because a latte is sugar water with oat milk; but still. Cravings can be real with anything, especially when you give in to them a lot. Also, cannabis can do some sort of short or long-term damage to our brains. I depersonalize due to my Panic disorder and epilepsy, and usually, cannabis can make that stuff worse. Cannabis can cause psychosis, worsen schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and even affect coordination or memory. Smoking can, of course, damage your lungs or worsen respiratory issues as well.

One of the times I took a topical, I had a 5-hour seizure that could’ve killed me. A bud-tender didn’t explain how to use a topical. I used a drop (or more, I really don’t know how it worked) and didn’t water it down. An hour later I started to have the worst seizure in my life, clustering for hours. Any time you have an edible, you really have to be smart about dosing. Lastly, we all heard this stuff from “D.A.R.E” in school that pot or cannabis leads to harder drugs. Truthfully it can, of course. If we have a history of addiction in our family, mental health issues, or other issues going deeper in the hole is really easy.

Do I believe I’m still Straight-Edge? Currently on and off, don’t know if I consider myself ‘edge.’ Although I know I’m an extremely disciplined person, due to being a part of this lifestyle and community for close to 20 years. I don’t consider starting medical cannabis as an “edge break,” though. Why is that? I didn’t sell out to get high or wasted. I started it for my health, my family, my wife, and of course my future children. Survival is more important than a lifestyle that can’t save your life when you’re having a seizure or life-threatening event. (Not that pot will either, but it will bring relief after something like that happens.)

What is the moral to my story we are probably asking? I want to tell you that cannabis IS medication if you understand you need to comprehend the pros and cons. As Earth Crisis states; ‘Straight Edge – the discipline,” we need to be disciplined in all together to be able to take or do anything in life. Anything can be poison if we don’t use it in moderation. Please feel free to discuss, give feedback, or even disagree with me. Remember this mindset is built on opinions.

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