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Is Straight Edge a Religion? Debunking the Myths and Exploring the Straight Edge Lifestyle

Written by Tashel

Is Straight Edge a Religion?

I’ve been asked so many times is straight edge a religion. Although I can see how someone can see straight edge as being a religion, it‘s really not. Religion is having a belief in a supernatural power or a God.

There is also an organized church or worship service. Although some straight edgers may go to church that doesn’t really mean anything. In straight edge, there are no gods there is just a set of beliefs. And no, Ian MacKaye is not a god. Some people would like to beg to differ that he is a god but I’m sorry to say that he would be considered an idol. These set of beliefs are not hard rules which means that you decide what you are going to do.

Not a Religious Affiliation

There is no one dictating to you about the lifestyle or punishing you for screwing up. People make the decision to live a lifestyle with no drugs, no alcohol, and no casual sex. Others choose to go as far as no caffeine, no medications and choose to live a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. None of these lifestyle decisions involve a god or a church to attend. So, basically, straight edge is not a religion, it is a lifestyle that people adopt. It has self-governing rules so that people can live a life free of dependency on drugs, alcohol, and any other harmful substances.

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