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They don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, but they rock out hardcore. Who the hell are they?

This article is from an Australian Magazine called Dolly. It’s the same as like YM, Cosmogirll in the states. March 15, 2005

They don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, but they rock out hardcore. Who the hell are they? Straight Edger’s spill…


A religion? Nope. Some kind of freaky cult? Nope. Straight edge is a movement that’s been kicking around since the ’80’s as a rebellion to the punk/rock hardcore music scene that was all about doing drugs and getting wasted.

And it’s still hot in 2005. It was even mentioned in a recent episode of One Tree Hill where Peyton and Brooke crashed a college party and were asked if they were “Straight Edgers” when they said no to a drink.

Straight Edgers or (sXe for short, pronounced sexy) are almost the exact opposite of what you’d expect punk fans to be. yes, they’re into hardcore, angst-driven music, but they’re totally against drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs and having casual sex. Their philosophy is that u shouldn’t need these things to have a good time- it’s all about the music.

Many Straight Edgers are vegan, don’t drink coffee and don’t even use legal drugs such as panadol. There are no rules to being Straight Edge and there’s no official way to “join”. It’s more about thinking for yourself and working out what the negative factors are in your life and how you can deal with them.


The story goes that Straight Edge came from a song with the same title by hardcore metal band Minor Threat, who were one of the first bands to get into the “no drugs” punk lifestyle..

I’m a person just like you, but I’ve got better things to do, Than sit around and fuck my head, Hang out with the living dead, Shoot white shit up my nose, Pass out at the shows, I don’t even think about speed, That’s something I don’t need, I’ve got the straight edge…


Straight edgers mostly listen to punk and hardcore. The music is fast and powerful and the lyrics are angry and thoughtful. Old school Straight Edge bands include: Minor Threat, State if Alert, Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits.

Bands popular with Straight Edgers include: Green day, Simple Plan, Shift, Blink 182, Sum 41 and Yellowcard. The Chicago punk band Rise against don’t call themselves Straight Edge, but a few of the members of the band are.


Being a Straight Edger us about more than digging punk music and dissing drugs. It’s a total life choice. Most Straight Edgers are also into protecting the environment, animal welfare, political issues and helping others. Many Straight Edgers join organizations such as Greenpeace and Amnesty International because they want to make a positive impact on the world.


Back in the ’80’s, Straight Edgers got around in full-on punk gear- head-to-toe black, mohawks and extreme piercings. But these days you can wear anything, what matters are your beliefs.

There isn’t a particular uniform for Straight Edgers, but common clothing includes baggy jeans/shorts, vintage brand T-shirts, hooded jumpers, Converse trainers, silver chains, body piercings and X tattoos. An X is seen as a symbol of the movement and Straight Edgers often draw and X on their hand at punk shows. Originally, this was a way to distinguish under 18’s at shows so they couldn’t buy alcohol, but these days straight edgers of all ages are marking themselves with the X to show their solidarity.

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