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Fascist Education Systems and Restricting the Future

Originally Published: Friday, March 4, 2005
Written by: Becky Chaos

For anyone that doesn’t know or simply hasn’t come across it before, M.E is known as a post-viral syndrome that affects the central nervous and the immune system. In other words, it’s being tired and ill on and off, with good and bad days.

Not too much fun when you get told this at the age of 15. Known as the “Yuppie Disease”, it’s ignored, shunned, and disapproved by far too many people in Western Society. However, my personal account went surprisingly well, at first. Still being in school and wanting to carry on my education post-16, I had ridiculous amounts of support, obviously because bad results meant a bad reputation for the school, and I was even encouraged to take as much time off as was needed. But a fundamentalist, government sucking approach to the future of students has made me, and other sufferers at both the same school have caused have to reconsider almost everything after compulsory learning.

Not to bore anyone with my future plans, but I had them. It was all worked out, and then I got ill. No big deal, but in the U.K we have these little set of exams called the GCSE’s. No one likes them and it’s just immense pressure to achieve for nothing but a free ticket into further education. Either way, because I’m too ill to partake in these written chunks of hell, my school has denied me of any further education at “their facility”. Because of a lettered grade on a piece of paper. I’m not the only one this has happened to either. The point is, should the fact that and I apologize for categorizing us like this but it’s true, a young adult, maybe even a child’s complete future be based on a single set of exam results? There is so much emphasis and secondary stress (which could easily be purposeful) put on us all to achieve, to be something, to make a name for ourselves. Everywhere, there are images portrayed of people with perfect lives, successful lives, not necessarily happy life, but acceptable lives. Fair enough, it does take work, but to deny someone of such opportunities is a contradiction against the government. A lot of people don’t necessarily “excel” in exams, nerves and the sorts often are unkind in situations like that, so why should their entire future be based on this? It really is. If you pass, you can carry on with your education, if you fail, your limits to your future really are very much restricted. We should all have the chance to make something of ourselves (if we so wish to) not to have it taken away because of some exams. I know of so many people, who although do not suffer with M.E, but just the two years of prolonged stress is destroying them, and to think this is all promoted as making our lives better by a contract and “official certificate of <insert yet another exam qualification>“ Government that will go by nothing else.

To call our British education system fascist may be wrong. In a sense. But, it could be a perfect description. To base opinion, education, life on a set of exams is a very fundamentalist approach to someone potential, especially when there is so much more to life than what are the effects of Christianity on poverty-stricken countries, to be finished in fifty minutes, in silence, with a blue or black pen.

[NOTE: I accept criticism, hate mail, compliments and feedback with no problem. Offence is not intentional, nor aimed at anyone in particular unless specified. Thanks.]

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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