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No Echo Interview: Eva Hall Power Alone

Power Alone Vocalist Eva Hall on Their Debut LP, Its Raw Lyrics + ‘90s Hardcore Influence
By Carlos Ramirez | @MusicQuizKing | 4.21.2020

Released earlier this year, Rather Be Alone is the debut album from California hardcore outfit Power Alone. Issued by Indecision Records (School Drugs, Ursula), the 11-track LP finds the quintet bringing forth a menacing style of metallic hardcore that often lays into a locked-in groove that will keep your head bopping back and forth. “We definitely have parts that remind me of 108, parts that remind me of Snapcase,” Power Alone vocalist Eva Hall tells me when I ask about the group’s sonic approach. Prior to her current gig, Eva previously fronted the bands Gather and Rats in the Wall.

“In general, most of us are really influenced by ’90s hardcore. Vocally, since I cannot really scream anymore because of vocal cord nodules that I developed in Gather, I had to go out of my comfort zone and try something else, and it kind of reminds me of Amy [Miret] from Nausea a little bit.

I wanted to get the Power Alone 101 story, and Eva was game: “My brother Dustin and I have been in bands together since Jr High! Later on, in our early 20s, we met Allan and started a band called Gather. I also met Joven around that time. After Gather broke up, Dustin and Joven started a band called Lockstep, who I really liked.

“A lot of years passed, some of us lost touch with each other for a while, some of us did other bands, but after I quit my previous band, I realized how much I missed playing music with Dustin and Allan, and we got back in touch and decided to start a new band, with Joven too. That’s how I met Sean; Dustin knew him and suggested he join. I was nervous about being in a band with someone I didn’t know well, but turns out he’s awesome—the nicest person in the band for sure—and he made the band feel complete.”

Read the full Interview: Power Alone Vocalist Eva Hall on Their Debut LP, Its Raw Lyrics + ‘90s Hardcore Influence

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