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The End of an Era?

Written by: Sage C

 It’s rare that any shows happen among the small towns of Northwestern Connecticut, nevermind a good show. Growing up in this area, there had been little exposure other than a few small metal bands and a venue that had closed down called “The Pit”. When this show was announced I was filled with as much joy as I was a disappointment.June 10, 2006

Invocation of Nehek (Last Show), Shroud of Turin, Porphyria, Wrenchintheworks, Necrosis, On Paths of Torment (Surprise Opener)First hearing Invocation of Nehek about two years ago at a small venue in Waterbury, CT. Following multiple member changes, it was decided to include all who had been involved with Invocation of Nehek for the past 5 years. Members present had included Matthew Emerson (Vocals), Robert Cyr (Guitar), Steven Pianka (Guitar), Tom O’Hare (Drums), Tim Leonard (Bass/Vocals), Robert Carpenter (Vocals), Brendan Duff (Bass), Evan Cohen (Bass), Eliot Gellar (Drums), and Lou Tanuis (Vocals). The show started off with the surprise of current ION vocalist Lou Tanuis announcing his return to his previous band, On Paths of Torment. A short set followed the hometown favorites, in which everyone happily accepted the band that they had all grown up with. On Paths of Torment is self-described death metal/hardcore band who recently released their EP “The Arsonist Plague” on Creator-Destructor Records.

Next up was also a local band from Torrington, Necrosis. Fronted by Nicholas Ugliarolo, cousin of ION/OPOT singer Lou Tanuis, Necrosis recently had a self-released EP named “A Nightmare and a Cataclysm”, taking strong influences from As I Lay Dying and Behemoth. Wrenchintheworks, a powerful trio in Connecticut hardcore which includes past members of Groundzero was next to perform. Simply amazing every time I had seen them, this band also recently released their debut album “Prodigal Transmission” on Redscroll records. Porphyria, a death metal band with members hailing from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts was fourth to play on this show. Releasing a 5-track EP with Ken Susi of Unearth, Porphyria has played with a variety of death metal bands including Cryptopsy, Vehemence, and Cattle Decapitation. The show began to fill up more once Shroud of Turin, a grindcore band from Southington, CT began to play. Taking inspiration from bands such as Ion Dissonance and The Locust, this band has increasingly become one of the more recognizable bands in Connecticut in the past few years.

Finally, the band that everyone was looking forward to seeing; Invocation of Nehek took center stage. Playing a set which included songs from their 2003 demo, their self-titled CD which was released through Prosthetic Records, as well as newly written songs. Changing between three bassists, three vocalists, and two drummers, Invocation of Nehek played by far the best that I had seen them. Ending with a 30+ person pile-on during “My Gift To Liars”, it was an emotional set which ended with many sweaty hugs and more than a few tears. It is truly a shame that one of the few good metal bands of Connecticut had to end, but I’m hoping that the end of Invocation of Nehek doesn’t signal the end of the metal scene. As more bands are emerging taking influences from old school hardcore bands, metal is slowly becoming the second stage to much of the metalcore and hardcore genre. Even Ozzfest this year is beginning to take on metalcore bands and straying away from original death or black metal. The end of an era? I would hope not.

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