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Sober Revolution: The story of straight edge hardcore in 10 records

This article was written BEFORE credible allegations of sexual assault and child predation were made against members of WolfxDown and Champion respectively. You can read more about the alligations against Jim Hesketh of Champion here and Tobias and Sven here. Furthermore, you can read the victim’s of WolfxDown statement here.

Read the story of straight edge hardcore, a curious clean-living subculture that emerged in reaction to the excesses of punk.

Words: Ross Haenfler

By 1980, punk rock, one of the most innovative and confrontational music and art movements of the modern era, was careering towards the “No Future” refrain from the Sex Pistols’ anthem ‘God Save the Queen’. Pistol’s bassist Sid Vicious had died, possibly committing suicide, and a year later the Germs’ Darby Crash followed him. The romantic “live fast, die young” mantra was increasingly becoming a grim reality, as many punks piled hard drugs on top of abundant booze, glue, and weed.

Yet from punk came hardcore, an aggressive, fast, stripped-down style inspired by pioneers such as Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Fear, and Bad Brains. And hardcore would quickly spawn a counterculture within the punk counterculture: kids who believed true punk revolution lay in not using drugs, in not drinking oneself to death. Despite what seemed like anti-rebellious rebellion, straight edge punk persists as a vibrant element of many music scenes and as an important culture in its own right.

Listen to the playlist, and continue reading by clicking here

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