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Straight Edge Interviews

Here you will find a collection of interviews that we have done and/or collected across the internet! Enjoy!


–Veronika Reinert When it comes to 90s hardcore photographers, Danielle Dombrowski is a household name who needs no introduction. Hailing from New York, Danielle has shot hardcore shows and fests all over the northeast and beyond over the last 20+ years. Read on to learn more about Danielle Dombrowski. 1) Where are you from and […]

NOAH Interview: Straight Edge with Porcell

I became Straight Edge when I was 16. And yes that’s true. It’s just the way our culture works.

Shayne Smith Interview

Being straight edge can be weird when it comes to making friends and dating as an adult. Without the social lubricant of drugs and alcohol, I have found the best way to overcome my inhibitions in a social setting is through sarcasm and humor. Perhaps a lot of people battling depression and anxiety can relate.  […]

How to be Positively Badass

What do Johnny Cupcakes, The Acacia Strain, and a French tip manicure have in common? More specifically: Who? With three guesses and a few clicks of the mouse on social media, you may discover the stunning and magnificent Kyle Elysse. Not only does she ooze confidence, inner beauty, and creativity, but she epitomizes positivity and […]

Interview with Derek Ski of XRepresentX

Originally Published: Monday, December 15 2008Written by: Kimberlee  Who makes up XRepresentX, when did you guys get together?“XRepresentX is compromised of Derek Ski on vocals, Bryan Elchynski and Shawn Bedow on Guitars, Tyler Lair on bass and RJ on Drums. This is just one of the many faces XRepresentX has had over the close to […]

Interview: Born into Suffering

Originally Published: Wednesday, February 25, 2009Written by: Valerie_ Reno Perth, Australia’s own Born Into Suffering is trying to get a point across even with just their own name. Vegan hardcore bands are scarce these days, but theses five gentlemen are here to stay. Their lyrics are bold, poignant and full of hatred, everything a vegan hardcore band […]

Interview: Tyler “Telle” Smith, bass player for Greeley Estates

Originally Published: Wednesday, January 14, 2009Written by: Toni Rivera “You are the music while the music lasts.”- T.S. Elliot In today’s music scene, good musicians are judged on how much eyeliner they wear the style of their clothes, how attractive they have or who they know. Nowadays it’s hard to find a musician who is […]

Ross Haenfler on Straight Edge

Below you will find an interview with Ross Haenfler, a sociology professor

Interview: xlooking forwardx

Originally Published: Friday, November 28, 2008Written by: Elena For the record state your name, your band’s name and instrument you play.I’m Joshua Chaillou. I play guitar for xlooking forwardx. Who are your band members, and how long have you guys been together as a band?My band members are: Justin Chaillou (my brother) on vocals, Kevin […]

Interview: Mitch from xThe War x

Originally Published: Wednesday, November 19, 2008Written by: Jack So Kelly Sisterhood recently put out the call for new articles and interviews for the site. So when the opportunity to get some words from Mitch, vocalist for Australia’s hardest Straight Edge band, xThe Warx, came up, I took it. Here’s what he had to say. Can […]

Member Spotlight Emily

Written by Valerie_ Reno This is the third annual installment of xsisterhoodx’s Member Spotlight. Her name is Emily and she’s an aspiring music journalist who loves to write! These member’s may not have time to write for each edition, but they contribute when they can. Enjoy! –Valerie, Reno  name. emily “battleaxe” engel. age.twenty-three. location.northampton, massachusetts. occupation.student, […]

Interview With xKill Everyonex

Originally Published: Thursday October 11, 2007Written by: Jes What I like in a band is members that are true to themselves, and make their music personal and reflect on them. We need more bands like xKill Everyonex. Who is xKill Everyonex you ask? They are close friends who wanted to put together a band just […]

How Sweet? Talking Straight Edge with Dave Cronin of 2*Sweet

Minor Threat. Gorilla Biscuits. Chain Of Strength. These

Interview: Never Looking Back Northwest Hardcore at its finest

Originally Published: Monday, July 2, 2007Written by: Kim a Keparutis Northwest Hardcore is pretty legendary with bands like Champion, Trial, Blue Monday, Stay Gold, Go it Alone and many others. You can add one more band to the list of kick ass NWHC bands and that band is Never Looking Back from Tacoma Washington. Detonate […]

Studying Straight Edge: An interview with Professor Robert Wood

“Ironically, the very first time I heard the term ‘straight edge’ was when I was eighteen years old and drunk

A Conversation with Joel Bull

Written by: Melody Joel Bull, writer, musician, and supporter of the xsisterhoodx and what it stands for, talks to me about growing up in Huntington Beach, Ca during the explosion of the punk scene, while witnessing the birth of the hardcore and straight edge scenes. I chatted with Joel about his roots in the scene, […]

Living Deliberate: Talking straight edge with spoken word artist and writer Christopher Gutierrez

Christopher Gutierrez is not just your average writer and spoken word artist. He’s a “dirt poet”. He “lives deliberately”. He’s “unbreakable”, he’s the hardcore and punk rock “kid’ moshing and air-drumming at all the local shows, and he’s straight edge.

Interview: Chip from Dance Floor Justice

Originally Published: Thursday, May 31, 2007Written by: Billy Ransom Billy: okay first off, how long have you been straight edge? Chip: 12 years this past January but I had never tried anything prior to finding out what straight edge was Billy: damn that’s longer than probably all of south Florida haha. props for that. what do you think […]

Redscroll Records

Originally Published: Thursday May 31, 2007Written by: Jerry That may as well be the mantra of Redscroll Records, the newest addition to the Mom and Pop styled strip mall section of Route 5 in Wallingford Connecticut. With LPs on the wall, a couple arcade games in the back, CDs displayed in handmade wooden cases and […]

Interview: Miles to Go-German Straightedge

Originally Published: Thursday May 31, 2007Written by: Kim A Keparutis   I have always been a huge fan of European punk rock. But with all the good hardcore bands in the United States it did not occur to me that there was also a great hardcore scene in Europe. Although I had already been into bands […]


Originally Published: 2006Written by: ANONYMOUS    “Street by street / Block by block / Taking it all back”: Bring Back Prohibition and the Militant Straight Edge Most people from the outside know straight-edge by its extremes:  on the one end, there is the posi-core version that wants people to have a substance-free good time, and on […]

Interview: Madball

Originally Published: Tuesday, June 28, 2005Written by: Anna Janelle Stevens Anna Stevens from www.punkdiscovery.com Interview with Freddy from Maball :  Q. First off I would like to thank you for taking the   time to do this, to be frank, this is a great honor. A. No problem, my pleasure. Q.  Tell us what’s been going on with you lately, did […]

Interview: Gather

Originally Published: Monday, October 03, 2005Written by: Kirby Unrest Who is in Gather, what do they play, when/where/why did you begin and  what do you have out record wise?  Dustin: Gather has four members, right now, but we like playing with five members better.  Allan plays guitar, Eva sings and writes the lyrics, Randy plays […]

Interview: Joey Southside from The Banner

Originally Published: Thursday, September 22, 2005 Who are you and what is your role in the band?My name is Joey and I sing for the band  How is the promotion going on your new album?Its going well. Well, um I don’t know what they’re doing but yeah.   What makes “Each Breath Haunted” different from your […]

Interview: Gavin Hayes of Dredg

Originally Published: Thursday, August 25, 2005Written by: Emily E. Can you give me a short history of Dredg?GH: This is our 11th year as a band. We met in high school, a couple of us in junior high, and started playing music back then, cover songs and whatnot. We put out our first record in 1996, and […]

Interview: 24 Hours To Live

Originally Published: Sunday, August 21, 2005Written by: Jabby Alexandria Bah Right from the 305 of Miami, 24 Hours To Live started out two years ago as another local band, hoping to make it in the business. Back from their east coast tour the throat of the band, Robert Marquetti let me in on what’s been […]

Interview: Josh from Into The Moat

Originally Published: Monday, July 11, 2005Written by: xx Being it that I am writing this for xsisterhoodx.com, a site dedicated to the girls of hardcore and/or straight edge, my questions will be directed towards that. But of course, we girls would also like to know a bit about yourself as well! ..1. When did you first […]

Interview: Record Nerd Rollins

Originally Published: Wednesday, July 6, 2005Written by: Sarah De Borre Record nerd to record nerd, Henry Rollins admits to Sarah De Borre that he now has two homes in LA to house his record collection – meet the analogue house, the digital house and record nerd extraordinaire – Henry Rollins. I admit straight-up that when […]

Interview: The Evans

Originally Published: Wednesday, July 5, 2005Written by: Sarah De Borre Ian MacKaye – it’s a name recognized widely amongst music scenes: punk, hardcore, indie, rock; it’s a name recognized for quietly revolutionizing music. For those that thought MacKaye had merged into the woodwork after Fugazi went on indefinite hiatus, you were foolishly mistaken. Ian MacKaye […]

Interview: Josh Scogin of The Chariot (ex. Norma Jean)

Originally Published: Wednesday, June 29, 2005Written by: Emily E.  Bands like Training for Utopia and Living Sacrifice were the beginning of Christian hardcore. Do you think they are being phased out nowadays? If so, do you think they have the potential to come back? JS: I think it faded out a while, but I definitely […]

Interview: A Life Once Lost

Originally Published: Tuesday, June 28, 2005Written by: Anna Janelle Stevens Anna from www.punkdiscovery.com interview with Bob Meadows from A Life Once LostQ: First off, Thank you so much for taking time to do this with us!  A: Not a problem. Thanks for having me do it. Q: One thing I think everyone is wondering is about the switch […]


Originally Published: Friday, May 20, 2005Written by: Kirby Unrest Q: Who all is in Clear Convictions, what are their band duties, where are you from and when did the band begin? A: We are: Jerame , guitar; Daniel, guitar; Nata,singer; Jose, bass-guitar;  Enzo, drums. We were of the same church, knowing to play different instruments, we got  […]

Interview: Ally from Bloodlined Calligraphy

Originally Published: Monday, May 09, 2005Written by: Nicole XXX The long and awaited interview with ally of Bloodlined Calligraphy has finally made its way to xsisterhoodx.com. After sending ally a few questions and talking to her a bit on the internet it was interesting to find out what makes her and the band tick. Hopefully […]

Interview: Most Precious Blood

Originally Published: Monday, April 18, 2005Written by: Sarah XNicoleX Most Precious Blood, a band name that rings familiar in any hardcore kid’s brain. A band that has had more than their fair share of  hardships and still has pulled through to make a name for themselves without the help of others.  After sitting down with […]

Interview: Independent Punk and Hardcore Labels

Originally Published: Thursday, March 17, 2005 Compiled by Sarah De Borre with help from Geoff Silverman I spoke to two amazing people today, both whom inspired me, both whom made me think and feel something. It’s totally irrelevant who those people were, other than the fact that they’re both involved in music and they’re both passionate people. Reflecting […]

Interview: Freddy Madball

Originally Published: Wednesday, March 16, 2005Written by: Sarah De Borre Before their second tour of Australia, Sarah De Borre catches up with Freddy Madball…“The good thing about Madball is they haven’t changed, they’re a hardcore band from New York and nothing more and that’s what I love,” Tells one devoted fan. Madball have been keeping […]

Interview: Rise Against

Originally Published: Wednesday, March 16, 2005Written by: Sarah De Borre Sarah De Borre chats with Rise Against front man, Tim Mc Ilrath.Twenty six year old Rise Against front-man, Tim Mc Ilrath grew up in the ‘burbs of Chicago, found punk-rock and put his English major on hold to help breathe life into a scene that […]

2005 Interview with Ian MacKaye-

Ian MacKaye is one of the most recognized pioneers in a genre of music that is so multi-faceted it’s difficult to name. He went from high school band the Teen Idles, to one of hardcore-punk’s most notorious bands, Minor Threat, to Fugazi—a band who pioneered the post-hardcore sound, through to his current “quiet music” project, the Evens.

MacKaye started going to punk-rock shows at the age of 16 and as a man of 42 he still holds close the ideals and passions of his youth. He is just as outspoken about politics, straight edge and the monopoly that the alcohol industry has on today’s live music scene, as he was in 1981 when he was screaming the lyrics of Straight Edge.

Interview: Karl (Born From Pain)

Originally Published: Thursday, March 10, 2005Written by: Tiger   Interview with Karl  (Born From Pain) This was done for my thesis, so some questions obviously assume the reader has no knowledge of SxE… What were your reasons for becoming straight edge? For me straight edge was a natural step as I have never wanted to smoke […]

An Interview With Kurt From Converge

Originally Published: Thursday, March 10, 2005Written by: XMulletXBurnx@aol.com How has been your health as of late? (I saw the nasty ass picture of your hand being broke and shit. Did your injury affect you guys playing live or the recording of your new album. my hand is much better now. i broke the 5th metacarpal […]

Interview: MENTAL

Originally Published: Friday, March 18, 2005Written by: Michelle Olaya This interview was did to Dan- Mental’s guitarrist before they were playing over here in Barcelona, so I hope you enjoy it. *Could you introduce the band and make a brief bio, please?We started to come together towards the end of 2001, Greg, Derek and Justin hadjammed […]