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Interview With xKill Everyonex

Originally Published: Thursday October 11, 2007
Written by: Jes

What I like in a band is members that are true to themselves, and make their music personal and reflect on them. We need more bands like xKill Everyonex.

Who is xKill Everyonex you ask? They are close friends who wanted to put together a band just to play, They are a local Edge band from the Michigan/Ontario area, who I just fell in love with. There sound is hardcore, real, and rockin’.

The band consists of:

Lear Mason – Vocals. (Formerly of FaceDown[Tribunal Records], It’s All Gone To Hell[Vendetta Records])

Ozzy Eren – Guitar (Also x-FaceDown)

Jake Watson – Guitar (Formerly of Apathemy, Bottomed Out)

John Music – Guitar (Formerly of King of Clubz, Provoke, Current Vocalist for xTyrantx[Seventh Dagger], and current guitarist for Wreckless)

Pat Cushing – Drums (Current Gym Rat and multiple pickup truck owner)

I had the pleasure of chatting it up with Lear and getting him to answer some questions for me.

Jes: How did you get started? And why aren’t you a functioning band?

Lear: “We basically started this band because I was generally very pissed off and fed up with a lot of people. I started writing songs and lyrics. Ozzy and Pat read the lyrics and were stoked on doing an edge band that didn’t hold anything back. Ozzy had written a lot of guitar parts. He wanted to play guitar, I wanted to do vocals (opposite of what we were doing in FaceDown) and so we created xKEx with the premise that this would be a band just for the sake of doing it. We wanted close friends (not just ‘musicians’ who fit the bill) so we asked long-time friend Jake to join. John was the final addition to the band and came in after the recording was finished. We knew that with our lineup, we were all too busy to do it full time, but we were more concerned with the band being exclusively straight edge, and all close friends. We did a few live shows but ultimately the band fell apart due to school/work obligations.. other bands we were doing at the time etc.”

Jes: How long have each of you been edge? And why did you choose to live edge?

Lear: “Most of us have been straight edge for 8 – 10 years. That hasn’t changed despite the fact that we aren’t writing or playing live currently.

Everyone in xKEx is edge for the same reasons. Drugs and alcohol make you week and dependent. We have no need for that. We prefer mental purity. At this point it’s not even something we have to think about, it’s just who we are. Speaking for myself, I also do it out of defiance. A fuck you to the industries that push these things on the public, and to the people who let these poisons define their lives. I will never be a part of that.

Anyway, I could go on forever here. I’ll cut it off.”

Jes: Do you think you will play together again?

Lear: “I don’t think we’ll be doing anything in the future.”

Jes: Has the break-up of the band hurt your friendships in anyway?

Lear: “We are all still good friends, although we saw each other a lot more often when we were playing together. That was a few years ago in reality.”

Jes: Who are your inspirations? What bands do you look up to?

Lear: “The bands we all listen to now are way too varied to name. We’re all into pretty different stuff than stuff we wrote. We all grew up on stuff like Buried Alive, Earthmover, Chokehold, Earth Crisis, and shit like that so, those bands helped us out a lot. Old Throwdown and the early Embrace Today were also a big influence.”

I highly suggest checking out xKill Everyonex, you can hear their music and read more about them at, you can download their 6-song EP for free. Maybe we can convince them to start up again? That would be killer.

Lear also informed me that he, himself is working on a new band called Evolution of the Kill, which I will be keeping my ears open for that, and I will share all the info on them as soon as possible, and I think you all should Check out John’s bands xTyrantx, and Wreckless ( I am going to get in touch with each of them and see if I can get interviews also for upcoming issues.

I keep my ears open for local MI Edge Bands.

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