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Originally Published: Thursday, October 11, 2007
Written by Kim A Keparutis

LegitimateBros was started as an inside joke by a group of close friends in bands throughout the Pacific Northwest.  In the past few years it has grown into a close community of bands and fans, centered on an amazing website and some of the best hardcore music in the world.  LegitimateBros is not and has never been about exclusion

There are many great bands that are apart of the LegitimateBros family.  Past and present, they are all featured on the website along with band bios and MP3’s.  Some of the current bands are: Go it Alone, Sinking Ships, Shook Ones, Get The Most, In Stride, Retrace, Keep it Clear and Circles.  Past bands include: Blue Monday, Ordeal and Legit.  Check out the site to download some great demos and exclusive mixes.

On Sunday, July 22nd 2007 in Kirkland, WA, the second annual LegitimateBros fest commenced with 5 LegitimateBros bands and 2 guests.  I had been looking forward to this show for weeks.  The official lineup was Go it Alone, Shook Ones, In Stride, Get The Most, Circles and guests- Sunset Riders and P.K.I.A.

Opening up the show was Circles, which features mostly members of Blue Monday, including Dave Mac on vocals.  Rumor has it that one of the reasons Blue Monday called it quits was because of the way Dave Mac was straining his voice, he was in danger of losing his eye site.  So not wanting to give up singing in a hardcore band, Dave took voice lessons and learned to sing in different tone from different parts of his body.  The result is an amazing melodic hardcore band from Vancouver.  Their demo is three songs deep and it leaves you craving for more.  I was stoked to see this band finally.  Their set was amazing and I look forward to a full length and more shows.  Look for a review of the demo in the review section of sisterhood this month.

Next up was local thrash/punk band P.K.I.A.  (President Kennedy Is Assassinated) from Bremerton WA.  Though the band had some technical difficulties in the beginning of their set, they continued to tear the place apart with their form of head banging thrash.  Musically this band is very different from the other bands on the bill.  They fit in well with the crusty hardcore thrash that the NW is known for.  The lead singer is Straight edge and that impressed me.  I am not too crazy about their name though.  John F. Kennedy is one of my hero’s.  The day he was killed was the day the country took a turn for the worse and the dark side officially took over.  The shirts for the band feature a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald, who anyone with a brain knows was framed for the murder of JFK.  Maybe I just don’t get it, but I am not a fan of the persona this band has brought forth into the world.  I don’t want to be reminded that President Kennedy was assassinated.

The next band was Sunset Riders.  This band and P.K.I.A. share members but with a different singer.  Sunset Riders play well done hardcore/punk with a crusty edge, that will make every punk in the room want to circle pit.  Sunset Riders were the official guests of the show.  This band has been a staple at shows in the NW for the past year or so.  They are a bunch of young dudes who still have a lot of growing up to do, but their dues are being paid in full by the hard work and relentless support that the members have given to the NWHC scene.

The next band and my favorite on the bill was Get The Most.

I feel so lucky for the opportunities I have to see this band, which features members of Go it Alone (including lead singer Kram on drums), backing up lead singer Kyle.  Get the Most play youth crew hardcore done right!   This band is perhaps the most sought after hardcore band on the planet right now.  With all of their music being released on Crucial Response out of Germany, their stuff is a little expensive to ship and hard to find, unless you are lucky like me and live in the Pacific Northwest.  Their demo is available for download at, along with a special version of the song “Think it Through”, which is also on the bands new EP called Moment in Time (see the review section for a review).   I love Get the Most and their set did not disappoint.  They sounded really awesome and lead singer Kyle has a grand stage presence that commands your attention.  Get the Most has it all; great songs, outstanding musicianship and righteous personality.

In Stride played next.  This was my first time seeing this band but I had been listening to them for a year.  The band had a lot of downtime and hadn’t played any shows for many months.  In Stride play really good hardcore, with stand out vocals.  They even had a shirt for sale at the show, which according to the singer was a rare thing.  One of the bands stand out songs is off of their 3 song demo, is called “Reach” and has the lead singer of Shook Ones as guest vocalist.  You can download the 2 demos that they have at and  This band is really good and once you start listening to them it is hard to stop.  The vocals really grab you and throw you into the pit.  In Stride will be releasing a 7 inch sometime this year.

The Shook Ones took the stage next.  I was really blown away by their set.  Having seen them a bunch of times, this was by far the best set out of all of them. I wasn’t always a huge fan of their style of melodic hardcore/pop punk but this band has definitely grown on me.   In the past few years the Shook Ones have been all over the world and have gained a legion of fans.  Along with Sinking Ships, the Shook Ones have showed the world that the Northwest has champions in all the different divisions of hardcore and punk.  NWHC-it commands your attention and comforts you in all of the various moods of human existence.

The final band of the night and one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time was Go it Alone.  This band is always good live and today was no different.  I love seeing this band.  They always put on a good show and sound awesome as well.  They played most of my favorite songs including-“A Constant Refrain”, “Picking up the Pieces”, “The Only Blood Between Us” and “Evelyn”.  They also played a few songs off of their new album including “Love” and “Rapture”.  The band also had a slew of new shirts, a sweet hooded sweatshirt and all of their releases for sale.  Go it Alone tour a lot, hence the reason why Get the Most can’t play too many shows, so if they come to your town be sure to check them out.  I personally want to thank the band for their hard work and music.  Their lyrics echo what is in my heart.  That is what hardcore is all about.

The LegitimateBros fest ended on a high note.  There where no fights or injustice of any kind.  Everyone had a good time.  I look forward to next year’s festival and the continuation of the website.  LegitimateBros is a good thing for hardcore, the bands and the fans.  I am also stoked to have two of my pictures being used on the band page of Retrace.  Go to for info on all of the bands mentioned, killer MP3’s, tour dates and a message board.  Thanks for reading.Set as favoriteEmail ThisHits: 1349Comments (6)

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