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Boston Hardcore Meets San Antonio: A Night of Intense Music and Unforgettable Performances

Originally Published: Tuesday July 3, 2007
Written by: Valerie_ Reno 

A Night of Intense Music and Energetic Crowds: Unpacking the Value of an $11 Show

This show was awesome, long, but awesome. To pay $11 for this show and see this many bands was worth it. But the fights ruined some good songs. It was great to see the Texas scene, the Texas bands and all the people involved. Colin of Arabia started off the show.

Non-Stop Hardcore Action: The Double-Stage Experience

There were two stages so once one band was finished, the other started immediately. The one thing I dislike about that scenario is not being able to rest between bands. But it is also a plus because you get to see so many bands without being there all damn night.

Local Heroes and Chaotic Pits: Spotlight on Sudden Death

I was there to see Sudden Death, a local San Antonio band and they delivered a great set. Although the vocals weren’t turned up enough I couldn’t hear what he was singing too well. The kids went absolutely nuts for them and I stood back safely and watched the chaos.

Taking a Breather: Mixed Reactions to Fight Like Hell and Lie and Wait

I particularly don’t care for Fight Like Hell, so I mingled outside in the cool weather with some good friends. Lie and Wait went on next, and they were a definite style of old school hardcore, and the small area they played in wasn’t big enough to hold everyone so I stood outside where I could breath and listened as they played.

The Unexpected Power of Black My Heart: A Standout Performance

For a good while, I thought I had known about Black My Heart’s music. I was wrong, their breakdowns were so damn heavy I was almost glad I was standing way in the back watching them. The pit was so violent and I wanted to get in there, but no injuries for me this time. Their music was awesome and the singalongs were even better. This is where all the fights originated and it ended up stopping in the middle of ‘Thick As Blood’ so the dancing and singing along came to a major halt.

Bitter End’s Kickoff and a Nod to East Coast Tours

Bitter End was doing their kick off show for tour, and I would love to seen the reaction the Reno crowd would have for them, as kids here love old school hardcore style. Yet, their tour is strictly East Coast, bummer.

Death Before Dishonor: A Closing Act with Mixed Feelings

Lastly, Death Before Dishonor went on. Their new stuff is pretty awesome and they played plenty of it. I also remembered DBD’s shows being more fun, as I wasn’t really impressed this time around. I enjoyed the show, but the energy that Reno had for them made me miss that energy. But the kids in Texas are definitely a lot nicer so this show was pretty enjoyable. And of course DBD left their best song for last, in which everyone went nuts for: True ‘Til Death. The ultimate sing-along song.

Give all these bands a listen, you know you want to:

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