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Originally Published: Tuesday, July 3, 2007
Written by Valerie_ Reno

This hip hop show was awesome, plain and simple. I attended two of these Sage Francis shows, one in Austin, TX while on vacation, and one in San Francisco, CA, 3 hours from Reno where I currently reside. I was originally going to do this show review on the Austin, TX show, but I wasn’t too satisfied when I saw all these artists in Austin. 

Emos in Austin has been home to thousands of acts on famous downtown 6th street, but the downside was, we were staying in San Antonio, an hour away and when the show finally got started around 10 pm, I was bummed. Needless to say, we left in the middle of Sage Francis’ set due to our flight leaving the very next day and were just dog tired from being in the sweltering humid heat all day.

When I heard that I would have the chance to see Sage again in San Fran, I was relieved. This time around, my boyfriend and I drove to San Francisco the night before, rested up, ate some amazing Thai Food on Haight Street and headed to the show. The Fillmore is also quite famous, and all the fliers on the wall told tales of great shows that had played their before.

Buddy Wakefield started the show and is a spoken word artist who I have not had the pleasure of hearing much of. From what he does do, it is very compelling and the crowd absolutely loves him. He is currently on Sage’s independent label, Strange Famous records.

Alias was up second and after being exposed to his music, yet not knowing exactly who he was, a few songs caught my attention that I had heard before. I noticed a similar set like Austin, but this time it wasn’t unbearably hot and I could hear wherever I was in the venue. “Pill Hiding” was my favorite song performed, he did a great job.

Buck 65 performed the longest set of any other openers. His set was super long in Austin as well as San Fran. His long set in Austin was in part a lot of the reason we missed the rest of Sage’s performance. I can sit and listen to Buck 65, but in no way shape or form was I really into it. Nothing about it excited me.When Sage Francis finally came on, everyone became super excited. In Austin he came out in a full on suit coat which was a bad idea due to the extremely humid weather. In San Fran, it was a lot cooler and his sound was amazingly better. He played quite a bit of new songs from the new album, ‘Human The Death Dance’ and got me all excited for the rest of his set. Civil Obedience, Climb Trees, Got Up This Morning and an excitingly funny performance of Broken Wings in which he sang while having the original beat of the 80s song Broken Wings. If you can hear that in your head, imagine Sage’s lyrics to his own song titled Broken Wings. Sage was very comical throughout his set and at the very end, Buddy Wakefield came out to a small spoken word appearance and everyone was very impressed.

We got the chance to meet Sage in Austin and at the end of the San Fran show, he noticed us and said hi. Surprised to see us a second time. Sage is a very humble and an amazing performer. I highly recommend anyone and everyone check out his music. This is real hip hop, not that crap that makes millions, this is underground hip hop at its finest.

Try some hip hop in your life: -Sage Francis -Buddy Wakefield -Alias -Buck 65

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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