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Show Review: Hatebreed

Originally Published: Tuesday, July 3, 2007
Written by Valerie_ Reno

An Unforgettable Night: Reliving the Hardcore Energy with Hatebreed in San Antonio

One word: Hatebreed. Before I left Reno, NV for a nice, week long vacation in San Antonio, TX, I never expected that my most favorite band in the world would be playing two days after I arrived. Having heard this months before my trip, I purchased tickets immediately so not to rely on tickets at the door, selling out, and the chance the my friend in Texas and my own boyfriend could get me in for free 

A Sonic Rollercoaster: From The Acacia Strain to Terror’s High-Octane Set

Now having 5 bands supporting plus Hatebreed equaling 6, $20 wasn’t exactly a bad price. When my boyfriend and I arrived at The White Rabbit, After the Burial had finished and we caught 3/4’s of The Acacia Strain’s show. I wasn’t too impressed, they are much better in a smaller, more closed in area. The sound wasn’t too good, and the signing has seemed to change, but overall, I enjoyed a few songs that I have picked to be my favorites on certain albums.

Terror was next and after meeting with all my friends whom I hadn’t seen in a good 2 years kept exclaiming that it was bullshit that Terror wasn’t opening for Hatebreed. I agree, Evergreen Terrace and God Forbid are less deserving of a supporting slot. As my very large, unknown to Texas boyfriend was pitting around, I was on the side with a friend against the wall watching out for ourselves. Terror played a good set, made me a solid fan as I was a bit skeptical each time I had the opportunity to see them play any show. Also seeing my boyfriend who has known the guys in Terror for years and to see him sing a long and have fun made me even more excited to enjoy their set and really give them a listen.

Now For the last two bands, Evergreen Terrace and God Forbid, I basically sat outside, where surprisingly it was a bit cooler even though the weather was wearing everyone down. I caught up with old friends, had some beers and listened occasionally to the music. My boyfriend took off and caught up with Terror’s guitarist Doug and scored me a free t-shirt. While saving my energy in the extremely humid weather, I was ready to go balls to the wall for Hatebreed.

The Heart of Hardcore: My Lifelong Connection with Hatebreed

Hatebreed is the sole reason I became interested in hardcore. A cousin of mine let me hear them on a Victory Style compilation and I was hooked. From there on out I listened to Hatebreed non-stop, learned all the lyrics, all the breakdowns, you name it. I was ready for them to play this show. As we waited, I realized the last time I saw Hatebreed was in San Antonio in 2004. I hadn’t had any chance to see them until now and nor did they ever stop in Reno on a tour. Ironically, Hatebreed is finally stopping on an off date with Lamb of God in Reno in July and I will be there, of course!It was finally time and I waited in the middle of the dance floor with two of my close friends and my boyfriend. My heart was racing because I knew the pit would open up as soon as they began to play and I’ve always been a bit terrified of being smashed to death in the middle of the pit. But as I was getting more and more pumped up I thought to myself that I need to represent, represent what has always made me smile, scream and sing my heart out every time I hear this band.

In the Pit: Experiencing the Raw Power of Hatebreed Live

Once they began, I began. I sang my heart out as much as I could, pushed and shoved my way around. Lost my friends then ended up near them again. Watched my boyfriend pit his heart out and watched as smaller dudes dodged him because he’s so big. It was hotter then hell in there and I was soaked with my sweat and a ton of other people’s sweat. They played the longest set I had ever heard and I knew the lyrics to each and every song. As I screamed and sang along, I threw my fists and hardcore danced when I could. The only hit I suffered was in the forehead directly from a girlfriend of mine who later apologized and we had a laugh about.

Encore to Remember: A Soulful Finale with ‘I Will Be Heard

Thinking that the set would be over any minute, each song that I favored passed on. From Doomsayer, to Last Breath, to Perseverance, I was getting extremely exhausted but couldn’t bring myself to leave or stop singing. Once I settled down a bit away from the pit, I was standing amongst friends and listened to Jamey Jasta ask if we wanted to hear more!? We screamed yes of course and “I Will Be Heard” was finally played. Oh how I wish I were down in the pit for this but I couldn’t do it, I was dog tired. So as I stood there with my boyfriend by my side, we screamed out the lyrics together and I had never felt such a connection with the band and my own soul mate. It was almost as if I fell in love with hardcore and my soul mate all over again.

Reflecting on a Night of Hardcore Passion and Community

When the show was over, I was so tired, but so excited to have just witnessed one of the best shows ever. We all visited once again until the venue cleared out and chatted it up with the singer of The Acacia Strain. Getting food was our priority, and we sat and talked about the show. I hadn’t been this happy in a long time and the drive home was awesome as my boyfriend and I talked about how amazing Hatebreed is and how far they have come. We both respect them very much and will always be true Hatebreed fans.

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